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Wulfgar left area as soon as BG2 starts

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#1 -Zerona-

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Posted 01 May 2014 - 05:39 AM

Wonder if anyone else has come across this error.


When I started BG2 from BG1 via BGT I got a dialog from Wulfgar that if Drizzt leaves he is off as well. Strange thing is, I was still in the cage at the start of the game. Drizzt joined ok and everything went ok, until I got to Regis who as soon as I entered the area he is being held, he said the same thing and left. Had to cheat to put him back so I could continue the story.


In the process of re-installing everything again through BiG Setup, but anyone had a idea what is causing it, so I don't get the same error again?

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