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Post the 3 new endings?

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#1 Sergio

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Posted 18 May 2014 - 09:51 AM

Ehi, can someone post the new three endings? I was looking around the romance with infinity explorer, but I can't find the relative entry. can anyone point me at it?

EDIT: Spoiler, Here they are:

@4    = ~In the years following his resurrection, Sarevok held true to his promises to <CHARNAME>. Whether it was by her will or his own ambition, Sarevok raised an army in the name of the new Goddess of Murder and led this force on a bloody path of destruction and terror. Nations raised arms against him, in some cases forming unlikely allegiances in any and all effort to stay the advance of the brutal conqueror. After years of endless conflict, Sarevok’s army was eventually outnumbered and crushed in one last glorious battle. Though many witnesses reported his presence during this final fight, Sarevok’s body was not found amongst the dead. The bards would say that upon his death he was taken from this world by his goddess, though likely no one will ever know the truth.~
@5    = ~In the years following his resurrection, little is known for certain of Sarevok aside from his quick and unpleasant departure from <CHARNAME>’s company. Some believe he attempted to raise an army, only to be betrayed by his own men. Others say that he abandoned his ambitions and tried to find a life of peace and solitude, or simply wandered the lands without purpose. Some even say he took his own life. Yet, many stories claim that it was not long before Sarevok found his way back into <CHARNAME>’s presence, asking her forgiveness for his hasty decision to part ways with her. Whether or not she forgave him is unknown, but most rumors held that she was often seen accompanied by a towering brute of a man who protected her with ruthless abandon.~
@6    = ~In the years following his resurrection by <CHARNAME>, Sarevok never settled in any one place for long. In Berdusk he is said to have routed an army of invading orcs, displaying such fearsome power and rage that terrified locals weren't sure whom to fear more. In Westgate he arrived as conqueror, brutally enforcing his will only to mysteriously vanish months later. He acted like a man that did not know himself, and all the stories agreed that Sarevok was a tortured soul, balancing between life and death, never to achieve either. Eventually he disappeared, said to have assaulted the Abyss itself, or even taken his own life. In truth, he journeyed to Kara-Tur to bury his one true love, the warrior Tamoko. He never returned, though the stories endure.~
@7    = ~In the years following his resurrection, little is known for certain of Sarevok aside from his continued allegiance to <CHARNAME>. Known far and wide already for the exploits of their early lives, the stories of their later years became varied and exaggerated by bards and gossipmongers alike. Some claim the two of them became agents of good, seeking to destroy any evil that plagued the common folk, both great and small. Others believe that they withdrew from the world, hoping for peace and solitude, though whether they found either is unknown. A few scattered reports would claim that they raised an army, conquered a small, remote nation, and laid waste to their neighboring lands. Whichever is the truth, no matter how wild or unbelievable the tale, one detail remained constant among all of the stories: Sarevok and <CHARNAME> were rarely, if ever, separated for long. ~

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