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Planar Sphere v2.6c (sorcery: bug or feature)

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#1 Shuv-Oohl

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Posted 28 July 2014 - 05:12 PM

Defeating Melanthium player1 is hit by the spell SPCL667.SPL which is coded in PSCUT26.BCS. This spell raises wisdom and intelligence by 2, gives some MR, gives the innate ability "sorcery" and changes the avatar's description to sorcerer.

All this happens while the party is standing in a circle with Melanthium in the centre. Of course he faces player1 when talking and the party is arranged in clockwise order.

Now since the projectile SPKLARCH.PRO used by the spell is not of single target type but has an area of effect player2 and player6 are also affected by the spell whereas player3 to player5 are not.

(In my "clover group" the player1 witch is quite happy with the gifts while the player2 beserker perhaps from now on is too wise to enrage. At least he'll be smart enough to feel the envy of my player3 cleric/thief which unfortunately happened to be too far away from the impact point ironically being at the same time the only group member that would have experienced valuable benefits from that spell.)

I don't know if this is how it should work.

If not then changing the projectile of SPCL667.SPL e.g. to SPGREORB.PRO (disintegrate) or any other single target projectile (in fact some sparkling would be nice) would help provided the spell is not used under other circumstances that demand an area of effect (what I doubt).