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Yvette Item Upgrades?

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#1 Xukuth

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 03:37 PM

In general, I love using the items that come along with NPCs - adds flavor.  But as we all know, by the end of the game, many of the "built-in" items end up falling a little short.  The Item Upgrade mod allows you to upgrade many of the Bioware NPC items to keep them relevant, and some other NPC mods have taken the same approach (Cromwell can upgrade Tyris Flare's armor, for example).  Unfortunately, Yvette's items already start off a bit weak (as you might guess given her status as a *painting*), which means that even at the beginning of the game you're likely to have something better she can use.  Are there any item upgrade options for Yvette, or am I going to be changing her items in NI as time goes on?