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BG2 Valerie

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#1 -Jimmy the Destroyer-

-Jimmy the Destroyer-
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Posted 23 August 2014 - 11:34 PM

Hey, I just finished a BG1 portion of a BGT/megamod install with Valerie in the party ever since Nashkel. Great NPC!


My question is, does the currently released version of Valerie have any BG2 content, or are the progress reports simply referring to the WIP version the Author has?

In my game, she behaves as a default mod npc and appears in the cell south of mine at the start of the Chateau Irenicus portion of the game, already in my party.

But I have seen that the expected behavior for her in BG2 would be to appear, outside of the party, only after exiting CI and after the promenade incident.


So, if anyone happens to read this before I figure it out myself, should I kick her out now, should I go back to my post-sarevok save and kick her out before talking to Belt and being teleported, will everything work normally even if I simply leave her in the party, OR is there zero BG2 content right now, and better to wait to take her in BG2 until she is more fleshed out? Thanks again for making this really neat mod!

#2 -Jimmy the Destroyer-

-Jimmy the Destroyer-
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Posted 26 August 2014 - 08:14 AM

In case anyone ever wonders the same thing as me, and stumbles on this thread;

It does not seem as if Valerie has any SOA content in the currently released version (at least, the version I have found in the Big World Setup, which seems to have the same version # as the one listed as the latest release at the download page)
She will return to Nashkel upon being booted from the party (you can CLUA there and re-recruit her, then CLUA yourselves back, however), she will initiate BG1 related banters which have not yet fired with the PC, Minsc, Jaheira and other BG1+2 NPCs, and she will not comment on any BG2 happenings, nor does she appear to banter with any BG2-only NPCs.
She does not, however, seem to cause any actual PROBLEMS if you take her along, so those wanting to take the NPC without any real flavor aside from possible BG1 leftovers should be able to do so AFAIK.

I'll be monitoring this mod and eagerly awaiting the BG2 + TOB versions for one of my future installs!