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[SPOILERS] Icewind Dale 2: I can't even "exit" Dragon'

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#1 -pooiyx-

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 11:26 AM

Hi. I'm stuck because of a bug, and I did a google search on my problem and ended up at this thread (http://www.shsforums...iwd-2-spoilers/) which showed me that others have experienced bugs in the same map too.


I have the latest official patch installed as well as the G3 Tweak Pack. 


This is my particular problem: 

I'm on the 1st iteration ("Day 5") of the map, and I've just killed the beholder, which activated the map exit (you can tell when you mouseover the exit area and the cursor changes to the "map travel wheel"). 

But when I click on the map exit area (the wheel does its simple spinning animation when I click), none of my characters respond (with their "affirmative sound" from their voice set) and there also isn't the "green marking on the ground" showing where you clicked. In other words, I did not receive all the usual feedback from such a mouseclick action. My characters also don't walk to the map exit location. It makes no difference where I'm standing in that area (even when I'm standing right at the exit, I won't exit the map). 


Is there a way (whether using the console or another method) I can "exit" to the Fields of Slaughter so that I can start the next iteration for this map? 

Also, looking at the posts in that old thread, it seems possible to be stuck at many different instances on this map. Is there a list of console commands to handle all potential problems that a player can face on the map?