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[HELP WANTED] Update of the russian translation for Dark Horizons

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Posted 16 February 2015 - 01:30 AM

Hello everybody,


During the french translation of Dark Horizons, we noticed that the mod wasn't well traified, and couldn't be installed on BGEE for foreigner languages.

I called for translators by pm, but had not enough answers for russian translation.


Now the new BGEE version of Dark Horizons is out, with the HANDLE_CHARSETS function, but russian language is broken.

Prowler provided a proofreading setup for the others versions.


Attached File  setup_for_TotSC TuTu or BGT.zip   38.03K   165 downloads


For the BGEE version, this setup is incomplete. Besides, references to usability should be deleted.

As Russians know, we can't open russian .tra files without breaking encoding.


If a native speaker could complete the setup Prowler provided with those strings, and send me the new complete setup, it would be helpful:


// New info or error texts
@890  = ~BG:EE install detected~
@891  = ~Tutu install detected.~
@892  = ~BGT install detected.~
@893  = ~Please install on BG:EE, Tutu or BGT.~
 /* New in BGEE */

@900 = ~Yes?~
@901 = ~Doom awaits thee!~
@902 = ~Bard's Cloak of Protection +2~
@903 = ~This simple cloak has been imbued with some small magical properties to help protect its wearer. It does so by affecting both Saving Throws and Armor Class. It is ideal for Mages and others who cannot wear bulkier or more restrictive types of armor.


Equipped abilities:
Armor Class: +2
Saving Throws: +2

Weight: 3~
@904 = ~Bard's Longbow: Dalewood~
@905 = ~Dalewood is Morwen's personal bow that was given to her by her mentor, Dale the Bard. Dale hailed from Bryn Shander, one of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale. He was well known for his adventuring exploits as well as his epic tales sung around campfires. He died at the hands of an assassin, his blood still stains this bow after all of these years.


Combat abilities:
1 extra attack per round

THAC0: +3
Damage: +2
Speed Factor: 5
Proficiency Type: Longbow
Type: Two-handed
 6 Strength~
@906 = ~Dale the Bard's Bracers of Archery~
@907 = ~These were the bracers of Morwen's mentor, Dale the Bard. Even without his bracers, he was still a dead shot from a long distance. His blood stains these bracers after he was killed by an assassin.


Equipped abilities:
THAC0: +3 with missile weapons

Weight: 2~

@908 = ~Morwen's Studded Leather Armor +2~
@909 = ~Studded leather armor has little in common with normal leather armor. While leather armor is a hardened shell, studded leather armor is soft and supple with hundreds of metal rivets affixed. The rivets are so close together that they form a flexible coating of hard metal that turns aside slashing and cutting attacks. The soft leather backing is little more than a means of securing the rivets in place.


+10 to pickpocket
Armor Class: 5 (4 vs. slashing, 5 vs. piercing and missile)
 6 Strength

Weight: 15~


// Nikita
@910  = ~Nikita~
@911  = ~I see.~ [HFTHR029]
@912  = ~We can't win this.~ [HFTHR001]
// No @913, traify oddity
@914  = ~Watch my back.~ [HFTHR008]
@915  = ~We should rest soon. I'm dying to get out of these clothes.~ [HFTHR010]
@916  = ~I didn't come all of this way to die of boredom.~ [HFTHR012]
@917  = ~Lets spill some blood.~ [HFTHR003]
@918  = ~You wanna taste of this?~ [HFTHR004]
@919  = ~Are you ready for me?~ [HFTHR005]
@920  = ~Any last words?~ [HFTHR006]
@921  = ~You're gonna bleed.~ [HFTHR007]
@922  = ~Ughh~ [HFTHR034]
@923  = ~Dead~ [HFTHR037]
@924  = ~I feel so cold.~ [HFTHR014]
@925  = ~Yes?~ [HFTHR016]
@926  = ~I'm here.~ [HFTHR017]
@927  = ~You want me?~ [HFTHR018]
@928  = ~Ready and willing.~ [HFTHR019]
@929  = ~Right.~ [HFTHR023]
@930  = ~Very well.~ [HFTHR024]
@931  = ~Yes?~ [HFTHR025]
@932  = ~Whatever you say.~ [HFTHR026]
@933  = ~I'd kill for a hot bath right about now.~ [HFTHR030]
@934  = ~Be careful where you point that thing.~ [HFTHR031]
@935  = ~Argh.~ [HFTHR034]
@936  = ~Don't expect me to carry the corpse back into town.~ [HFTHR040]
@937  = ~Done~ [HFTHR027]
@938  = ~NIKITA's past is something that she keeps to herself. From what you do know is that she was an orphan for a time until she was brought into Section in her late teens. They trained her to be a charismatic assassin who killed evil individuals. All of this was done for the greater good. But over time Section became corrupt and started to mirror the evil they were fighting. Nikita was liberated from Section when you destroyed the organization.~
// Thorin
@939  = ~Thorin~
@940  = ~At last the mighty adventurer stands before me. To what do I owe this honor?~ [DMF42]
@941  = ~It's no use, flee!~ [DMF02]
@942  = ~Damn your eyes!~ [DMF32]
@943  = ~I hope you choke on that thing!~ [DMF33]
@944  = ~When all else fails, put the dwarf up front.~ [DMF08]
@945  = ~I'll be needin' rest soon.~ [DMF10]
@946  = ~What, you expect our enemies to come to us?.~ [DMF13]
@947  = ~Grrrrr!~ [DMF03]
@948  = ~I spit at you.~ [DMF04]
@949  = ~Come 'ere you wretch!~ [DMF05]
@950  = ~Die!~ [DMF06]
@951  = ~I'll wash me beard in yer blood!~ [DMF07]
@952  = ~Is that the best that you can do?~ [DMF34]
@953  = ~Ugghh!~ [DMF36]
@954  = ~Aghh! I'm needin' a healer!.~ [DMF14]
@955  = ~Aye?~ [DMF16]
@956  = ~What?~ [DMF17]
@957  = ~I'm here.~ [DMF18]
@958  = ~Hmm?~ [DMF19]
@959  = ~Ready.~ [DMF20]
@960  = ~I hear ya.~ [DMF22]
@961  = ~Done.~ [DMF23]
@962  = ~Right then.~ [DMF24]
@963  = ~Watch me go.~ [DMF25]
@964  = ~Not a problem.~ [DMF26]
@965  = ~Aye.~ [DMF27]
@966  = ~Is that all?~ [DMF28]
@967  = ~Easy as goblin pie.~ [DMF29]
@968  = ~You really have no clue, do ye?~ [DMF30]
@969  = ~That's right keep pushing it.~ [DMF31]
@970  = ~Die~ [DMF06]
@971  = ~Ughh.~ [DMF36]
@972  = ~When asked about his past, THORIN says he's from the famous Stoneblade clan who were once Durlag's captian of the guard for many years. His grandfather was the last to serve Durlag before bad things happen to Durlag and his people. He would like to travel with the party to Durlag's Tower to retrieve some family heirlooms that may still be there and see what happened to his grandfather and the famous Durlag Trollkiller.~
// Morven uses the same soundset as Nikita
@973  = ~Morwen~
@974  = ~When asked about her past, MORWEN says she came from a well to do family from the city of Neverwinter. She got her first taste of the epic poems and stories from the northern Skald bards when her family visited the Icewind Dale region when she was young. Ever since then she has been obsessed with their epic tales and adventures. She wished to learn from the Skald bards but they rarely ever came to Neverwinter, until the day that Dale the Bard made a stop there. She first saw him at one of the local pubs, singing his epic exploits in a song. She introduced herself to Dale and soon after he mentored Morwen in the Skald Bard skills as well as being an excellent archer. After learning these skills, she quickly grew bored of the uneventful Neverwinter high life and decided to travel south to the Sword Coast region after she heard about the iron crisis. She traveled to Beregost to find someone who is seeking adventure like herself.~



Besides, there are 6 new .tra files for BGEE version:

I attached all the files needed to help for the translation:

- the 6 new .tra files + the complete setup

- the new 6 new .d files + the .tp2 (if you want to see the context for new strings in the setup


Please note that CMJONES.tra is the same than CMJONES9.tra, so there are only 5 .tra files to translate.



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Posted 12 April 2015 - 03:10 AM

still need this?

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Posted 24 April 2015 - 12:03 PM

Yes indeed. Your help would be appreciated.

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