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Bugreport about Spellanimation in PS:T

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#1 -Antares-

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Posted 04 March 2015 - 01:46 PM



I am a player of the german translation and at first I want to speak my gratitude for your fine work.


I have installed PS:T like described in this walkthrough: http://thunderpeel20...lly-modded.html


...and I have noticed a small bug with a Spellanimation. It looks like a green whirlwind with three arms - and well, it never seems to stop. :)

The animation occurs in the Festhall in the Mage-Training area and makes the game unable to save. Since the animation stops as soon the area is left, it's not a big deal.

The problem gets difficult when facing the Transcendent One. When I follow the dialog about ressurecting my comrades and convincing him the shadows have been freed and are roaming the fortress (a dialogoption I have never seen in earlyer installations, so I guess it has been fixed in), he trys to teleport away to check about it. Here the same animation is used and so the game is stuck.


Don't know if this is fixed in by the Unfinished Business Patch but I cann't think of any else. If not, I hope the information is helbfull anyway, since I don't know where else to mention it. :)


Kind regards