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ascension demogorgon not working

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#1 KingNothing-

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Posted 11 March 2015 - 02:04 AM

First of all thanks for all the great mod work. Always cool to see people spend a lot of time to improve other peoples gaming experience.

Second, i got a minor problem with demogorgon from the ascension part of BP. It dont seem to do him any good. He does just start with a few spell protection and a pfmw. He don't cast any time stop, and only summon a few demons, which is not how i remember ascension. So any idea whats wrong? Have i installed it in the right order, or is there some small part of the mod i should have installed or is it problems with scs?

Im still in chapter 6 soa so i don't know if the other parts of ascension is working.


My current mods are (and installed in this order): BP, in installed core compenent and the ascension part, scs2 pretty much the whole mod, tweak pack, mainly to try all the strongholds


Thanks for the help



#2 Linthar

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Posted 11 March 2015 - 04:05 AM

There are two issues here. First of all it, the BP version of Ascension is not fully compatible with SCS. Both the Big World Project, and SCS's own readme say you should be using the original version of ascension if you want to use it with SCS, but beyond that I don't know what specific issues are supposed to arise combining BP and SCS (Although I guess if you are using the BG2EE using the original is not an option, and I'm not really up to date on what the current status of Ascension is for the EE version of the game, so feel free to ignore this if that's the case in favor of anyone that has more up to date knowledge on this issue).


However while this may cause problems further down the line, I am pretty sure that your current issue is not due to that. SCS disables a few of Demogorgon's abilities by default, to try and keep him from being too difficult. Its pretty simple to re-enable though. You need to set the DMWWDemorgorgonTS and DMWWDemogorgonHost global variables to 1. If you're not sure how to that there are instructions in the SCS readme, in the the Console section part of the Customization Options section.

#3 KingNothing-

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Posted 11 March 2015 - 08:02 AM

Thanks for the help. I will try those commands. I use BG2EE atm so thats why  i dont use a normal ascension. i think i will check the scs install to check if it nerfs the ascension demogorgon

#4 horred the plague

horred the plague

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Posted 06 April 2015 - 01:42 AM

It goes deeper than SCS requirements for vanilla Ascension.


I can't give off-the-cuff specific information on Demogorgon component, but when I looked at SCS code last it actually looked for the presence of BP. If it found BP installed, it would gut the entire contents of the BP custom script and replace it with its own code (in the name of compatibility, no less). There's a very likely chance, as such, this has nothing to do with BP and all to do with SCS. I recommend removing the SCS component, and seeing if that helps. I don't recall any reports of 'just BP' errors for this in a very long time, and then it was with the Wand of Orcus installed (long ago, before it was added to the area with proper code).