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Multiple NPC Banter

NPC banter append

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Posted 16 May 2015 - 02:39 PM

I have a problem with multiple NPC's chatting... These are all NPC's I created and installed into the game. Their Banter with the PC works perfectly, using the J-file and SAY structure. Their banters with other NPC's (ex. Keldorn) using the B-file and CHAIN also work.


Where things go weird is when they talk to one another. I use CHAIN in the B-file, identical to the functioning Keldorn Banters; I have followed the syntax and examples (such as Branwen) exactly. I get the banters to start correctly, i.e. first line, but then, as soon as I reference the replying NPC's B-file (ex: == BJULIEN ~Reply here~) the conversation displaces itself to the first available state in that NPC's banter file, instead of moving the the next line in the current exchange.


It doesn't do this for Keldorn, though the syntax is identical. Is there something wrong with the Banter Files themselves? Do I need to add an append somewhere? Why are these things not in the tutorials? Does it have something to do with the fact that all these NPC's are installed by me, instead of being present in the game already?


Here is an example:


IF ~InParty("Brennic")
THEN BBrenn BrennicJulien1

~Hi.~ [Brennas]

DO ~SetGlobal("BrennicJulienTalk","GLOBAL",2)~

== BJulien ~What are you doing?~ [Julienja]

== BBrenn ~Do you know Shakespeare?~ [Brennat]

== BJulien ~I'm gonna be sick.~ [Julienjb]


The conversation carries on after this...




I get the first line from Brennic. However, instead of Julien saying his next line, a reply comes from a conversation in his B-file instead, and the rest of the conversation then follows that route to its conclusion over there. Why does it do that? How do I fix it?

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