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Romancing Isra and Other questions

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#1 romanticmisery

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Posted 20 May 2015 - 09:00 AM

First, congratulations on creating such an awesome mod(and character), it's very good to have another option of paladin for my party on my BGs. she's very well written as well and feels part of the game already, the voicing is very good too and doesn't get on my nerves, still i have some questions.


Isra was a beloved party member on my BG1 human fighter party, she had lots of interactions with other party members, was a very good friend a pretty solid fighter to boot, heck she even managed to tolerate Edwin (whom i kept around during the whole game, him being a great mage, even if he was the only evil guy of the team)


Now she's finally in my team on BG2 (classical BG2. heavily modded) and after some concern of my part that she was being a bit too quiet for my liking she's finally speaking with my fighter, i really want him to romance her, so much that i changed his charisma of measly 11 to 14 in the Shadowkeeper (after she entered my party and i saw the requeriments though) my character is Chaotic Good so i think it fits, but there's stuff i wanted to know about her and the mod itself:


1: I'm still finding her VERY quiet, not many interjections outside her questline, no banters between my current party (Aerie, Adrian,Valygar,Kivan of Shilmista and the PC), is this normal ? There's some variable or trigger i should check?


2: What are the requirements for the romance to start? Any Variables to check to see if anything is in order?


3: Why the requirements to romance her are so high? (No lawful neutral characters for example)


4: How do i check if some other character (like Aerie) is blocking a possible romance with her?


5: What changed  between BG1 to BG2 to make her lose her tolerance for Edwin's antics? I was planning to put him on my team for old time's sake but that wont be possible for long because she's prabably gonna kill him and i like her more than i like him.


Thank you for the time, i will be around and ready to forward any specif information that you might need in order to help me.

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#2 Rhaella

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Posted 20 May 2015 - 08:18 PM

1. No... it's definitely not normal. It's hard to tell when banters will trigger, but as long as you've got the crossmod installed, you should be seeing it eventually. She doesn't have crossmod with Kivan, but everyone else there is supported. You need to finish her first quest in order to get her to start talking to you, though, so if you haven't yet, that is probably why.


2. Just charisma and alignment. Make sure that "rh#IsraRomanceActive" is set to 1 and you should be fine.


3. Mostly she's just not interested in someone who doesn't have strong enough convictions. And yeah, LN can definitely have strong convictions, but they're generally a bit too amoral for her tastes.


4. If Aerie's romance variable "AerieRomanceActive" is at 2, you'll have problems. Otherwise, it shouldn't cause any issues.


5. No worries, things will be ugly between them, but they won't fight.


Anyway, I'm glad you've been enjoying her! If you have finished the quest and still can't get her to talk, let me know and I'll try to look into it this weekend.

#3 romanticmisery

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Posted 21 May 2015 - 12:01 PM

First i must thank you for the timely answer Rhaella,


1: Isra is talking normally now, giving interjections (recommending my intervention in certain quests) and having banters with other characters, she even gave Aerie a mirror, is nice to have her back


2: Aerie RomanceActive varieble is on 1, and her romance variable is on "630456" what does that means?


3: can't find the Isra Romance Variable, only the check, take a look by yourself:




should i change something?


and no i didn't went to chapter 4 yet, still raising money for Gaelan Bayle, and i even then i tend to go around doing a lot of quests, so i wont be getting to 4 anytime soon.

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#4 Rhaella

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Posted 21 May 2015 - 04:30 PM

Yeah, the check being at 0 means the romance never started. If you set it back to 0 manually and make sure you're of good alignment and CHR 13+, it should jump start the romance. (Though that could lead to strangeness if you've already been speaking with her for a while.)


As for Aerie, I think that's just the timer you're looking at. It won't have any effect.

#5 romanticmisery

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Posted 21 May 2015 - 05:32 PM

So i should just set to 0 manually and go play?


I was even considering kicking her out of the party, ask her to go wait for me in the temple and pick her backup (because like i told you, i changed my charisma with the shadowkeeper when she was already on my group. would that help too? i Mean restart the check?


Thank you again for  your help, really.