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Improved Projectiles component bug

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#1 Ithildur

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Posted 11 June 2015 - 10:48 AM

Fairly significant bug, the Improved Projectiles component assigns new projectile files to dagg05.itm, dagg16.itm, and dart01.itm (throwing dagger, poisoned throwing dagger, and mundane dart) among other missile/ranged weapons/ammo, but does not update spells and items which grant protections vs non magical missiles (Anomen's shield, Protection from normal missiles, etc) correctly to account for the new projectiles for these three weapons, with the net effect that mundane throwing daggers (poisoned and non poisoned) and darts ignore the protections.


Going into the backup folder, component 401, and copying the backup versions of these three files into the override folder should fix this issue; hopefully there are no other errors besides these three items interacting with such protections as a result of this component, though I could see any mod content that deals with missile weapons/ammos etc potentially having issues interacting with this component.

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