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Posted 23 June 2015 - 10:52 PM

Hello all. I have a question.....I am aware that the northern Cididale has various endings.....I have read many differnt versions and mine tends to come out the same very time......oddly enough according to some ( trying not to give away stuff) certian events will close off your chance of getting the key for the temple locker...well even if these events occure I -always- get the option......but this time lenore...or how ever you say her name is pissed at me...and tells me she wont talk to me or do a thing for me....which is new to me .......and when I talk to duke elington I dont have the option to tell him I figured out the problems there....I dont recall what I did last time.......everytime I play it I do it on my own with no walkthroughs.....I am trying to read them now to figure out what I did wrong and why the quest wont close...


Any help for a lost girl would be nice...Thanks!

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