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Hair color changes randomly after game load

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#1 -Aeris-

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Posted 13 July 2015 - 05:10 AM



I installed all content from 1ppv4.1.0 before BGT. I have chosen the recommended option from the extended palette entries, however, one of the hair color changes randomly after game load (I have tried another one and I do not have a problem so I do not understand why).


I would like to know how to fix it, if possible.


Besides, thank you Erephine, I can not play without your mod !

#2 Salk

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Posted 15 July 2015 - 02:33 AM

I experienced that too.


It might have to do with imported characters though.

#3 Noxou

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Posted 26 June 2020 - 07:05 PM

Got the same problem with my last install. On a BGT install. And during BG1 part of the game. In fact, starting from the tutorial in Candlekeep. Problem is solved if i revert the color back to one of the base vanilla palette, but continue to happen if i change to any other 1PP extended palette's color. I doubt it has anything to do with imported characters. I am no coder, and i can only imagine 2 reasons why it may do that:


-1) The extended palette component patches the .exe, as do some others mods i have installed (like TobEx and such). But i don't think any one of these tries to touch on the color palette, and as far i know, they all patch the .exe. rather than overwriting it. What is more, if the changes were overwritten, i could probably not even select the new colors.


-2) There is another mod that tweaks the color palettes. I suppose i installed the 'Use drab colors for commoners' component from some tweak mod (i can't remember which one). This component seemingly adds a bunch of drab tones to distinguish commoners from nobles (and i like it). If this component attempts to change the color palette like 1PP does, i can imagine some sort of conflit in the palette table. But i don't remember the mod stating it was patching the palette or the .exe.


But once again, i'm no coder and don't really understand how it works. It's only about using my personal sense of logic. I will try to avoid installing this tweak's component on my next BGT mega install and see how it goes.


EDIT: Looks like it is a well-know problem, and that this tweak may have nothing to do with it:




The one common point i see with all these Weidu logs is that all of them have one or more mods patching BGmain.exe. Surely someone more knowledgeable than me would understand the problem better.

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#4 skellytz

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Posted 27 June 2020 - 04:37 AM

This is because at the time the author made the following assumption (from the readme):


But.. wait, doesn't the game have random colour entries starting at #200?

Yes, indeed true. Baldur's Gate II (and only Baldur's Gate II) has a file called RANDCOLR.2da allowing you to set 'random colour entries'. It is essentially a table allowing you to set various colour entries to another entry which are then picked randomly. By default the game uses colours 200 and onward (which do not have any actual colour gradient information).

Random colours are evaluated for character colours (characters set on CRE or CHR files) only, and do not conflict with the new entries. This means that on a character, colour #200 will use the random colour entry for #200 as usual, while on an item #200 will use the new 1pp colour gradient.

Interesting side note: If a colour that has an entry in RANDCOLR.2da is set as an entry of a random colour itself, it will show up as the intended colour value.

Unfortunately, many extra colors added to the character customization are from entries 200-255. Setting the same color entries in RANDCOLR.2da to match the desired color value may mess up random colors for some BG2 creatures (more than 1800 vanilla creatures use random colors).


Edit: fixed in v4.2.0

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