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Out of memory errors in Strategems during BWS installation

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#1 waebbl

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 04:00 AM

Hello all,


first I'd like to thank everyone for their great work and the progress a lot of the mods have made during the last couple of years.


During my last megamod installation I noticed Out of memory errors while stratagems was being installed. Although the setup said, it's cancelling the setup, it continued and eventually finished successfully. The error rose up a lot, but the setup always continued.


Now I was wondering whether those errors are significant. My machine has 16GB of RAM, I checked several times in taskmanager, the setup program needed between 800MB and 1GB of RAM, and in total, the system was using approximately 7GB, so lots of free memory available. At first, I was thinking about old DOS real-mode and extended memory handling problems, but I don't know, whether this is still applicable on a Win7 system, it's not my main system and mainly used for gaming. I now have some worries of whether the mod was completely installed or some of its functionality was simply skipped.


My setup was a recommended setup, with added SandrahNPC and SandrahRTF mods, and all of the required and optional (as far as I found them in the setup-sandrahnpc.debug file) mods. On an earlier setup, which contained only the recommended setup and Ascalons Questpack and Breagar added, but which pulled in (parts of?) strategems as well, this problem didn't happen. I also have enough free space on my hard drive (~50GB on the relevant partition), so this can't be the source either.


Here's my weidu.log:



And here's the part of setup-strategems.debug, where the error first occured:



Please see the attached file for the complete zipped setup-stratagems.debug file.


Any ideas why this is happening?



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#2 Bill Bisco

Bill Bisco

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Posted 19 September 2015 - 04:29 AM

I don't know why it happens.  But, Leonardo has said that he seems to have solved the issue.  I am curious how Leonardo did so.

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