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Tashia trouble - shop crash, soul lovetalk repeating

tashia shop lovetalk crash

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#1 Soky85

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Posted 25 September 2015 - 08:24 AM



I wonder if anyone would be willing to help me: 

I have modded my game with Tashia, Amber and several other WeiDu mods - all installed at once (no multi-romance, though:) )


The problem is that the shop where I am supposed to buy Tashia the gift is causing the game to crash - either by walking to the shop or using the "lovetalk way by choice".


(That is a phase 1, I have the save, then it goes south...)


I have previously got rid myself of the "poison Ivy repeating bug",, kicked Imoen, deleted the variables LEsomething... but I cannot access the shop and (as a result?) the lovetalks stopped. After saving her from Arlistan and then Bodhi, I have got the simulacrum conversation and I am stuck wth repeating "Irenicus stole your soul" conversation. Even the music stopped playing:/ 


Any clues what to change in EEKeeper/what to do would be nice - the mod is really cool and I would love to play it through TOB.


Or do you know how should the variables look like to "continue" romance in TOB? 


Thank you!


#2 -cxp-

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Posted 14 July 2017 - 09:21 PM

I know this mod isn't super active at the moment, but I'm having the same problem as well. Whenever I enter the shop the game immediately crashes. Has anyone come up with a solution?

#3 -Sathierhe-

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 12:46 PM

Same error as above.  PC and Tashia teleport to the gift shop, then... nothing.  System hang that never ends, although when I check the Win Task Manager, the CPU is definitely still running.  I suspect an infinite loop or an unanswered code call.  It'd be really awesome for some code editor here to propose a console fix to get around the issue and/or fix the code.  Thanks!

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