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[MOD] The Darkest Day z

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Posted 20 February 2018 - 02:53 AM

I'll do a clean install now that SoA is over and I'll pay a lot more attention in what content I'm going to download. Do you still reccomend BWS or is it better looking for every single mod by myself? Sorry for the little OT, I don't wanna spam and I thank you in advance for your reply.


Depends on whether you want to mod BG2EE only or if you want an EET install.

BWS makes sense only for large and complex installs on BG2EE or for EET installs, because that is where patching and install order start to get significant, which is something BWS does better than (most) players.

Or if you want many mods from different sites and are tired of searching them yourself. It is all a matter of scope and your own abilities.

The Sandrah Saga

another piece of *buggy, cheesy, unbalanced junk*