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Several baldur's gate mods difficulty

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#1 Kangaax

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Posted 01 March 2016 - 04:55 PM

Hi again. 


I would like to hear your advice, probably I'm bad player or spellcaster because always I like to cheat and get lot of money and get lot of scrolls of protection from magic, protection from undead and dispell.


As I told in another thread, I installed several bg1/bg2 modules that makes harder the game to get more experience. I was thinking in doing this when I configured that modules:


+200% HP to each monster (I think this improves my summons too)


All wizards from BG1/BG2 HLA habilities 


All enemies +3 THACO, weapons, saves and I don't remember rigth now if something else (there were several options between +1 and +6 but giving +200%h HIT POINTS I though it was enough with a +3): With +3 on saves and +200% hit points forget about spells based on hit dices (I guess that it should look hit dice as level monster but when I tried to cast on orcs a simply sleep spell should sleep some of them but in all game I did never sleep anybody) or hold persons with a +3 on saves it will be very hard to hold anyone.


All monsters respawns 90% times after resting and spawns are harder: This is a nigthmare. I though it would be funny and I would get a lot of experience points but raising previous enemies bonuses I find overpowered monsters as follows: 


                   Vampiric Wolf Lord (http://www.spellholdstudios.net/ie/P5/) : This f*** beast counts between its powers: hold person, fear and summon more vampire wolves as a innate hability what it means that he can summon 30 wolves in less than some seconds because innate habilities are faster than spells and I removed summon cap with another module


                  Lord Ghoul: This cool undeads can disease you at distance. I remember a similar undead but with level drain in sahuagin city (more than level 20 characters maybe :) ?)


                  2 Ogre  Mages, 1-2 Priest and Elite Orcs: The archers target always my wizard, that's not hard game it's a f*** joke and protection from normal missiles ring or spell is useless against 100% poisoned arrows. The ogre mages have more hit points, all protections spells casted before combat starts due to another module configuration and if I target them with my tanks, they start to run all over the map area making other monsters not discovered joining the combat


I had game difficulty to max level and I had to reset normal because it was impposible to stay alive.


Experience quest reduction from other modules I changed it to get per member and don't reduce it at all and get from killed enemies +200%xp and +200% treasures but I don't really see any change except this one: I only get 4 experience points disabling traps (I didn't select disabling traps xp reduction) or per quest (the max experience points I won it was 250...)


I'm thinking to reinstall all again and backup my saves and when I have all reinstalled try to load those saves again.


Any advices about enemies difficulties regarding I'm not a powergaming player?


Any advices about how to play well a wizard as this guy does in this videos https://www.youtube....?v=qTz_Hf4pCnM?



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#2 agb1

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Posted 01 March 2016 - 05:30 PM

Saved games contain string references (line numbers in dialog.tlk) that will be incorrect for an installation with different components selected. Saved games also contain copies of some of the creatures you've encountered, which probably will be different for a new installation. These are some of the reasons why you can't safely reuse your saved games on a different installation.

Your best option here if you don't want to start over is to adjust the difficulty as needed instead of leaving it on the same setting all the time: lower the difficulty when you find an encounter that is too difficult, and raise it again if you feel that it is too easy.

BiG World Fixpack (community collection of mod fixes and compatibility patches, with user-friendly cross-platform script)


BiG World Setup (tool to automate best-practice installation of Infinity Engine mods on Windows, with conflict analysis)

Latest version:    https://bitbucket.or.../get/master.zip

#3 Kangaax

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Posted 04 March 2016 - 03:37 PM

Thanks for your advice then. I will finish BG1 then and after that I will reinstall and import character from bg1 :)

#4 tomkaz

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Posted 05 March 2016 - 06:49 PM

What do you mean by "get lot of money and get lot of scrolls"?


You probably know this already.  I play a BGT mega-mod game.  For the BG1 part I can get 5,000,000 GP and enough spells for the 12 mages in Baldurs gate.  Although I only use four mages, I sell all the extras.  You can get gold by saving up your spoils of war in Bags of Plenty then selling them in large bunches for the highest price.  Also, sell all the magic items you do not need, again in bundles, for the highest price.  You can get EXP by not skipping over areas so you have more encounters as you walk back and forth through the areas.  Set the spawn time to 8 hours so the monsters replenish faster.  Spells are more difficult, but with lots of GP, you can by all you need.  There is also a mod that lets you copy spells for a price, and the price is lower than the cost of buying spells.


If you want more information, look at my posts in Mega Mod Help.  I post with the name tomkaz.