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[PORTRAIT] Female Bard

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Posted 08 March 2016 - 07:45 AM

Hello there. I am trying to make a small NPC mod with a female bard. I've found an amazing portrait but, alas, it is incomplete. I hope there is someone savvy with photoshop who can replace the blank background as well as add some darker cloth (dress?) to the incomplete neck portion.


1. Are you looking for original art, photoshopped art or a portrait edit?


Portrait edit.

2. Male or female? What race, age and character class, possibly alignment?


Female, human, 25, bard, neutral evil.

3. Describe the character's features (face, eyes, hair, clothing, etc)

Raven black hair, dark brown eyes, dress or leather armor.


4. What color preferences do you have (skin, eyes, hair, armor, clothing, etc)?


See portrait.

5. Would you like a weapon, a spell effect or an item to be shown in the portrait? If so, what kind?

Possibly an amulet. Ideally something with a dark gem.


6. What kind of a background would you like?

I have provided two images of the kind of background I want.


7. What kind of an expression would you like the character to have? Dangerous, happy, serene, mysterious, playful, sad, etc etc?

See portrait.


8. Do you have a portrait you would like to be used as a model/reference picture (for pose, expression, looks, colors, etc...)? Post it here if you have!

I do. See below.


9. Should the artist post the portrait here, or PM or email it to you?

Here is fine.


10. Any deadlines?


The faster I get it done, the better, but no pressure.

11. What game and what mod is this for?


NWN 1.

12. Anything else you'd like to mention?


I would like the backgrounds with the ravens (see attached images) to be "pasted over" to the portrait. The neck area on the portrait is incomplete, and if someone can do it nicely, I would love a dark blue or black dress or leather armor photoshopped in.


Thank you everyone in advance!

Attached Images

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