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BG2 friendship/romance overview

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Valerie's Romance Requirements: Female human, half-elf, half-orc, elf, or dwarf of good or neutral alignment with 12 or better reputation and cannot be a wild mage.
If you meet Valerie's romance requirements, she'll flirt with you throughout the romance (unless you tell her such advances are unwelcome) and there will be opportunities to make your own advances.
You have until lovetalk 14 to meet Valerie's romance requirements and trigger the explicitly romantic phase of the relationship - lovetalk 14 ends the friendship arc and the relationship will only continue if you romance her.
1. Welcome to Amn, normal timer and conditions.
2. You've been making trouble in Amn, normal timer and conditions.
3. Sure you're okay with a Cowled Wizard? Normal timer and conditions.
Track 1: You were friends with Valerie in BG1
4. Catching up, normal timer and conditions.
5. At a crossroads, fires on rest anywhere.
6. Family matters, normal timer and conditions.
7. Growing stronger, normal timer and conditions.
8. Define 'normal', normal timer and conditions.
9. Revenge and justice, normal timer and conditions.
10. Why am I seeking advice from a Bhaalspawn? Normal timer and conditions.
Track 2: You're meeting her for the first time in BG2 (or met her but weren't her friend in BG1)
4. I need a drink, normal timer and conditions.
5. Trading backstories, normal timer and conditions.
6. Candlekeep, normal timer and conditions.
7. What a long, strange trip it's been, normal timer and conditions.
8. I need another drink, fires on resting at an inn.
9. Regrets, normal timer and conditions.
10. Writing a book, normal timer and conditions.
Tracks Converge
11. Please tell me when to shut up, normal timer and conditions.
12. In the blood, normal timer and conditions.
13. Mom, Valerie's being weird again, normal timer and conditions.
14. Answers without questions (POINT OF NO RETURN FOR ROMANCE), fires on resting anywhere.
Shadows Romance
15. Monsters and other childish things, normal timer and conditions.
16. Nerve tonics, fires on resting at an inn (CANNOT FIRE IN THE UNDERDARK).
17. The mask slips, normal timer and conditions.
18. Things left unsaid (mostly normal but ONLY IN CHAPTER 6)
Throne of Bhaal (romance only)
19. An official pardon, normal timer and conditions.
20. Great and terrible days.normal timer and conditions.
21. Homecoming, mostly normal timer and conditions but only triggers after the wraith scene.
22. Planning for the future, normal timer and conditions. Special note: this lovetalk decides which romance epilogue you will get - there are many class-specific options.
23. I don't want to be a statue, normal timer and conditions.
24. A proposal, fires when resting anywhere.

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