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Latimer Going Nuts in the Graveyard

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Posted 31 August 2016 - 05:53 AM

Hello all!


So I've been playing with the Nathaniel mod on BG2:EE and have really been enjoying the romance path so far. In my most recent run of the game however, I've come across a bit of an issue. I have reached the point in the romance where you have the "I want to make sure this will last" talk, before Nate's rather unpleasant reunion with Latimer. Upon entering the graveyard district, I noticed something... odd. 


Latimer is there, and he's apparently been scared so badly that he's had a permanent morale break. He is either running in fear or going berserk and nothing I do seems to calm him down. Now in a previous game, I've progressed to the point in the romance where Nathaniel admits that he loves you, so I know what's supposed to happen up to that point and I don't remember this. It's possible that the issue was caused by me not realizing that Latimer was trying to initiate dialogue with Nate during my last visit to the Graveyard and leaving before he could. I doubt it though, since I was completing quests in the area, giving him plenty of time to approach. I also don't think that he was having the morale issue during that time either, since I feel I would have noticed a random character running about the graveyard, even if I didn't realize who it was at the time. What makes me even more concerned is that in my attempt to fix the issue, I went to De'Arniese Keep and rested, triggering the Jaheira hostage event. I don't remember that happening the last time I romanced Nathaniel and I rejected both Jaheira and Aerie's affections in the exact same way during this run. This makes me think that the game randomly decided to re-initiate the Jaheira romance, which doesn't bode well.


So I guess my question boils down to this: Is this a bug? And if so, is there any way I can fix it? I'd rather not invalidate hours of gaming due to this jerk losing his marbles. It's possible that this was intentional and was meant as some sort of hint toward another part of the romance path further down the round (beyond what I've already seen). If it is and Latimer will confront me at a later point, then great. I just need confirmation before I continue playing on a file that will eventually break on me.