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fighter male werewolf romanceable mod

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Posted 09 September 2016 - 11:26 AM

Hi all, Im returnignt to BG after a decade so I will consider myself entirelly new. Out of curiosity now that I can I am learning to mod and at my first real attempt I want to start with a werewolf fihgter. I extensively read almost all forums and ideas around here and loved the feedback and how all mods are woked out out of your general opinions and ideas. So, what I'll ask for you is all you are willing to give, on ideas to make a good playable mod.


Here is my basic idea. To get Ioreth, a werewolf figihter that scaped from the black pits in Thay. Im doing the codding and went quite good but at the mommet to write banters and stories all my ideas deserted me. Also if you like I would like help to balance the npc properly, technical suport as for stats and abilities. 


This is what I get, since my npc was a slave for most of his life there is not really good at socialising, being a fugitive from thay obviously i can see a problem with Edwin and slavery in general, there I can insert some interesting opinions about the pit fight on the copper coronet. 


Since he was taken from his pack as a young I can imagin our dull Cernd trying to teach him the basics which end up with me distracted entirely.


What I ask is general counsel and guidance, as well as ideas, I'll be doing the writing and codding, just need a push in the right direction, thank you. And please forgive my spelling my natural lang is spanish.

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