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custom protrate icon

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#1 Nirran

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Posted 03 December 2016 - 10:32 AM


   been looking at NI for a while,hoping to make a custom spell portait icon and custom string


is it possible?

#2 agb1

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Posted 03 December 2016 - 11:26 AM

Of course it is possible.  A portrait icon is set by an Effect on a spell Ability.  The icon is referenced by an index number that is defined in statdesc.2da.  You can add custom spell icon files to that 2da file to make them available for use.





The filename of the icon itself is assumed to end in .BAM.  NI includes tools to convert other image formats to BAM.


As for strings, you can just edit them in NI and save your changes to dialog.tlk.


Of course these changes will be tied to your current game.  If you want to give them to someone else, you can write a WeiDU script to package your SPL file with the associated BAM, patch the statdesc.2da file to append your BAM and remember its number, and then patch your SPL to add the custom string and the appropriate Icon index number corresponding to the position where your BAM was appended into the 2DA file.  See here for information about WeiDU scripting:  http://www.weidu.org...ADME-WeiDU.html

BiG World Fixpack (community collection of mod fixes and compatibility patches, with user-friendly cross-platform script)


BiG World Setup (tool to automate best-practice installation of Infinity Engine mods on Windows, with conflict analysis)

Latest version:    https://bitbucket.or.../get/master.zip

#3 Nirran

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Posted 03 December 2016 - 11:28 AM