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So About Faren and Nathaniel... (E.E.)

Faren Nathaniel Romance Conflict

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 08:03 PM

First of all, I love both of the mods. They really add to the game and I appreciate all the work you've put into them.   :wub:


On to the topic: I recently decided to start a new game of BG2EE (currently verison 2.3.67) and after some deliberation regarding the party setup, I decided to explore the romance conflict between Nathaniel and Faren. Thing is, I am now a well into both romance tracks and I have yet to see any conflicts. Well... there was the whole Nathaniel interjection when Faren started talking about cats being better than dogs, but that didn't seem to be romance exclusive. I'm currently at lovetalk 31 for Faren (with the relationship status having moved to committed or "2") and I'm up to the part where Nathaniel asks about the two of you having something that will last in his romance (couldn't find a lovetalk variable in EEKeeper). Given how far these two romances have gotten and how little the two have acknowledged each other, I feel like this has to be a bug (either that, or things are about to go nuclear...) I also spent a little time looking through some of the dialogue files in NearInfinity and came across a banter in the FHFRNJ.dlg file that seems to imply that there is supposed to be a conflict between them (It's filed under State 1690, with the the dialogue line being "Look, I think we all know Nathaniel has a huge crush on you, and I'm fine with that, but--"). However, the response file for the line (Response 3765 in FHNATJ.dlg) doesn't seem to have any triggers assigned to it.


TL;DR- Is this intentional, or is it a bug like it appears to be? Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a fix available?


Thanks in advance!


Edit: Correction. There is a flag for the dialogue to begin, Global ("FHFNathConflict2", "GLOBAL",1). But I can't seem to find a variable for it when viewing the Global panel in EE Keeper. Again, not sure what to make of this...

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