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[MOD] 3.5e/Pathfinder thac0 Progression

thac0 Enhanced Edition 3rd Edition Tweak Baldurs Gate Thief Bard BAB Balance

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#1 Reddbane

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Posted 15 March 2017 - 06:06 PM

File Name: 3.5e/Pathfinder thac0 Progression
File Submitter: Reddbane
File Submitted: 15 Mar 2017
File Category: BG:EE Mods

A small mod that changes thac0 progression to match BAB progression rates in 3.5e D&D and Pathfinder. Warriors remain unchanged, but Rogues and Priests thac0 advances at a rate of 3/4 of total level advanced past level 1, capping at 5 thac0 at level 21. Mage's now advance at 1/2 of total level advanced past level 1, capping at 10 thac0 at level 21. Thac0 table extends to level 50.


Compatible with all of Beamdog's Enhanced Editions: Baldur's Gate 1, Siege of Dragonspear, Baldur's Gate 2, and Icewind Dale.


Standard weidu mod. Place in game directory and run setup.


Mod Thread

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