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Cannot join Dustmen Faction (Soego-related)

Soego Emoric Dustmen faction

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#1 -Holly-

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Posted 25 March 2017 - 01:37 PM



Hi all,


I've just arrived at the Gathering Dust Bar to let Emoric know of Seogo's whereabouts (I outed him to Hargrimm after killing him) and there is no option to actually let Emoric know.


I've tried replaying from an old save and letting Hargrimm take care of Seogo personally instead but to no avail. I read that this was a previous bug which was fixed in version 3 ("When reporting Soego's location to Emoric, the check to see if Soego was dead was done incorrectly - it checked if the Mortuary Soego was dead instead of the Dead Nations Soego").


Is anyone able to assist please?