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Requesting BG2 EE Mod information (What will work)

BG2EE Mods Help

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#1 Old_Druid

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 10:31 AM

So a young friend of mine was moving away and suggested I try BG2EE and SOD (I could get BG1EE if I wanted to but I really don't)

He also gave me a disk full of mods. There were maybe 100 and I didn't feel like those headaches so I whittled them down to a list of what I would like to install once I get BG2EE + SOD from Steam.


I'm up in years (63 believe it or not :) ) and not an avid gamer or mod player, but I do love my dragons so this new BG2EE might be for me. Could I most respectfully ask someone here who knows what they are doing to look over the mods I've wanted to add and tell me if there are any conflicts or if there is anything in particular about the way they have to be plugged in (They are all made out of this WEIDU thing so I am told they should work fine.)


I am not going to include the mods I have found on my own listing they already will work with BGEE, just the things from the disk I was given. I did Download something called Never Ending Story, which my friend told me was a good addition.


I really don't know how these online forums work, like I say I am not an avid gamer, but if somebody could give an old man still young enough to love the D&D system of BG I would greatly appreciate it. (Am I needing to make a donation to this site for information? I do not know how this works really.


Thank you all for your time. I am hopeful that I am doing this correctly.





Mod List


Animal Companions                                                              

Attachable Wings

Alternatives v11

Back To Bynnlaw v5

Banterpack v14

BG2 Tweaks v16

CD Tweaks -beta-v5


Dungeon Be Gone v17

Dungeoncrawl v9

DragonSummoning -WEIDU-

Hell Recollection

Imoen Friendship v2.2

Infinity Engine Extended Banters v4.2

InfinityAnimations -beta-5

Kelsey v4

Korgan Redemption v8

Mazzy Friendship

Mod For The Orderly v5

Murneth v11

Nalia's Reunion

Never Ending Journey2  v691

Never Ending Journey2 v702

NPC Strongholds v2

Picky Familiars v1.1

Questpack v32

Romantic Encountersv11

Sellswords v5

Spellhold Gauntlet

SarahTOB v4

Teleport Spell v14

TOBTourist v1

Tower Of Deception 3.2.1

Unfinished Business v26

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#2 Roxanne



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Posted 07 April 2017 - 11:18 AM

First of all, decide which game you want to play with the new EE generation, your choices being

- BGEE + SoD (part one of the game)

- BG2EE including ToB (part two of the game)

- EET, a mod that combines both parts into one game which you can play from beginning to end.


Forget about your CD, you can find the most up-to-date version of each mods online. Since EE is relatively new compared to old Baldur's Gate, new mods or improved versions of existing mods are constantly released.

(Forget about Never Ending Journey, as this will never be compatible with any of the above.)


To make your life easy, use a little tool called BWS (Big World Setup) that helps you with the technical side to correctly install mod compilations for any of those choices above. The tool has an install order and checks for compatibility, so you end up with a playable game. You can add mods to your liking or trust tested mod compilations of your choice.


PS - your BG2EE + SoD is not an existing option. SoD is storywise the link between the BGEE plot and the BG2EE plot - technically it is an extension of BGEE (unless you decide to try EET, for which you need both games anyway.)


PPS - your shortlist above is a hotchpotch of BGEE and BG2EE mods and some that are neither.

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#3 Old_Druid

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Posted 07 April 2017 - 04:27 PM



Thank you for your reply and advice.


I think I will go with what you describe as the EET option, which (If I understand you correctly) is BGEE All of them. I'm not sure if I will ever play BG1, I tried it once 30 years or so ago and didn't care for its interface, but it would be best to have it I assume.


I will look around for that  - Big World Setup (BWS?) you mentioned. From what you say, all I do is download the modifications and it will install them correctly, better to let the machine do it. Quite the help for a man who has to get his grandson to program the sat. box. HaHa. I will also, as you've instructed, find the mods I have listed as wanting here online rather than on the disk that was given to me.


This shows my age. I played the original BG, just after it came out, but didn't care for the control much (I had been playing a Dragon game with all text) I tried BG2 and liked it, but lost touch over the years. Now I find out that BGEE is something of an improvement, so I am going to venture in once again. If I can get it installed I believe it will be fine.


Thank you again for your help. Do I owe this site anything for the reply?




Old Druid

#4 Roxanne



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Posted 07 April 2017 - 08:46 PM

Some clarification

- using EET gives you the chance to play BGEE (BG1 and SoD contents) with BG2EE interface and functionality (or other advanced modded interfaces - not the old BG1 interface.)

. if you use BWS, you do not need to search and download mods, just select the ones you want and the tool does the downloading and unpacking for you as one of its installation tasks.

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#5 Old_Druid

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 06:20 AM

Oh?!? Alright then, now I understand. That is what I will do. I thank you twice! 


Todays videos games are a little beyond me but I enjoy the classics like BG. Having a program to help you to install all the add ones is a real plus. :)


Old Druid

#6 Old_Druid

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 10:04 AM

Things are not working out. I went out and bought the entire set, got everything from steam and installed it - First to C: Program Files (86) or some such, then copy/pasted files to D: ... Please see the enclosed pictures.


This Big World Program is telling me to install things where, as you can clearly see, they are already installed. I tried it before I ever moved/copied the folders also and had the same thing happen. Can someone please explain this to me?



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#7 The Imp

The Imp

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Posted 09 April 2017 - 11:17 AM

Things are not working out. I went out and bought the entire set, got everything from steam and installed it - First to C: Program Files (86) or some such, then copy/pasted files to D: ... Please see the enclosed pictures.
The GAME IS NOT INSTALLED TO THE FOLDER if you move it there...
I have no idea about the EE games, but in the non-EE games you had to ALTER the game folder by editing the baldur.ini file in the game folder to reflect the move... and that move was then only usable by running the game with the BGMain.exe file... if you tried the baldur.exe, it statrted a front end program that would try to start the bgmain.exe in the Windows register ... which would lead to a failure to start.
So revert back the game move, UNINSTALL the game and reinstall it to the correct different drive.

Yep, Jarno Mikkola. my Mega Mod FAQ. Use of the BWS, and how to use it(scroll down that post a bit). 
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#8 Old_Druid

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Posted 10 April 2017 - 04:14 PM

SUCCESS! I followed your advice, got the Modification to work, downloaded what I wanted (Though the program kept trying to Download a husband and wife NPC team I did not pick out) and have everything set up.


I've since gotten the Game Editor and I am told I can change the Portraits (I'm vane enough to want to put myself in the game, and I'm looking forward to seeing if I can replace Irenicus' portrait with a picture of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films my granddaughter loves). Everything has worked out for me better than planned.


I would like to thank you both, Imp and Roxanne for taking the time to assist me.


Thank You


Old Druid

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