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Question about BWS-Installation for BG2:EE - Possible Bug?

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#1 Seewead

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 01:56 AM

Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and wasn't sure in what thread to post - so I created this one. Please move the post if you like.


I have a question about my installation of BG2:EE via BWS and I hope you could give me some advice.



During the installation BWS tells me, it doesn't find the


"##### Enhanced Edition Trilogy End #####"


and asks me, wether it should retry, end installation or continue anyway. Problem is, I am installing for BG2:EE, so the phrase EET-Ending comes kind of unexpected to me.


When I choose for continue, it seems like BWS is simply not recognizing my command and asks again what to do. This happens thrice; after that the installation is continued anyway and finishes without problems.


And from what I can tell, the installation works fine. Not bugs in sight.



None the less I am quite unsure about my installation, fearing that there may be a deeper problem that will surface sooner or later.


So I wonder: Did I do something horribly wrong? Total newbie-mistake? It would be very kind if you could help me out. :-)


Possible reasons

Well, I am not installing for EET, I guess I can rule that out. The choice given by BWS: "put '-' if you want only BG2:EE" seemed clear enough for me. So I put the '-' for BG1:EE and gave the directory for BG2:EE only. And as a precaution I tried the installation a couple of times - the result didn't change.


Maybe it has something to do with my language setting (german)?


Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Seewead




#2 Roxanne



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 07:56 AM

EET_end is a function only required for an EET installation to combine the BG1+BG2 dialogues and references for those NPCs who appear in both parts. Definitely not needed if you install pure BG2EE. According to your description you should have no problem with your game despite the strange BWS behaviour.

Why the BWS thinks you would need it and marks it for install is strange. The files themselves do not even exist in your game install as they are created on the fly when you run the EET Main component for an intended EET game.

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#3 Seewead

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 09:18 AM

Thank you, Roxanne. That sounds very reassuring. :)


And now I finally found it in the mod-list for my BG2:EE-installation of BWS. Though it concerns an installation for BG2:EE only (not EET), as I wrote earlier: The "Enhanced Edition Trilogy End" is to find in the section of the general mods on top of the whole mod-list (comes right after the EEKeeper). And even if it is impossible to vote it out completely (because the relevant marker is greyed out), I can enable the sub-choice "No (skips component installation)".


Fine, problem solved. Thank you, Roxanne.




Edit: Correction, that didn't do the trick. Unfortunately BWS still asks about EET_End and the forementioned step didn't change anything. But nevertheless I understand it should not bring any problems to my BG2:EE-installation. So thank your, Roxanne, for reassuring me.

Bye, Seewead

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