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Can the Shadow Dragon be soloed? Let's find out! (Power-gaming

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Posted 27 July 2017 - 05:41 PM


This is a modded play-through of BG2EE Solo - Legacy of Bhaal mode/SCS. The mods used in this are; Item revisions, SCS and Tweaks Anthology. Planning on going right through until the end to Throne of Bhaal. The idea of this themed playthrough is a polymorphing mage that uses Cleric spells/buffs to improve and strengthen several forms that are accessible in the game via spell or item ability. This can be done through several mage spells such as; Contingency, minor sequencer, spell sequencer, chain contingency and spell trigger.

My custom party consists of;

Battlemage of Thay - Cleric/Conjurer


For anyone interested feel free to join my in my adventures :)