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Quest beside romance (spoilers!)

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#1 szmatan

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Posted 30 July 2017 - 11:54 AM

Hi. I'm strongly tempted by Arnel's Nalia Romance because of some things:



1. Storyline's connection with guarded house in Temple District

2. Nalia may become Minsc's witch (I'm sick of Aerie's moaning)


I'm not interested in romance, but I'm interested in quests. So I have some questions:

- do I have to start a new game? Or just load the save before fighting Tor'gal? Or the save before meeting Nalia?

- is there also friendship path beside romance? and if, is it available only for male Bhaalspawn?

- if my Bhaalspawn is a woman (and cannot romance Nalia), would be quests still available?


Sorry for maybe stupid questions, but the readme contained in the file is very short and laconic.