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Troubles starting a new BWP mega-mod game.

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#1 tomkaz

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 06:09 PM

Hi All:


I am having difficulties selecting my mods and components.  I smell a rat with Winwar.


The easy part.  Missing a few mods.  The numbers with the mods are from BWP v16.


2.8           Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Music          
2.14         Item Revisions v4 Beta 9                                 I have v3 Beta 1.14
16.4         Hidden Adventures alpha 8
18.28       Thrown Hammers v6.0.1                                  I have v6.0.  It came from
19.32       Item Randomiser v7 dev release 160110         I have v6.8.
20.29       High Quality Music for BGT
I would appreciate any information on how to retrieve the others.
Now the tough part.  I will use astScriptPatcher v1.1 as an example.  I have been using 7-Zip to decompress all files.  With astScriptPatcher v1.1 and many other files that have been compacted with Winwar, I get the .exe and .tp2 file name extensions chopped off. This does not happen when I unpack a mod packed with 7-Zip and use 7-Zip to unpack it.
 When I examine a compacted file with either 7-Zip or Winwar, I can see the .exe and .tp2 file name extensions in the viewer, but I cannot get those files to a folder or desk top.
I downloaded Winwar for 64 bit Windows.  That does not seen to work.  I am guessing that Winwar will not let me decompress the file and make Winwar functional until I send MONEY.  Winwar does have a 40 day trial period.
Any help and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

#2 The Imp

The Imp

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Posted 08 August 2017 - 06:23 PM

I get the .exe and .tp2 file name extensions chopped off.

Are you sure that's not just a Windows folder option you failed to turn off ? Aka, can you even see the 7-Zip's file name extension that is .7z ? Help for this here.

As in that case you will never see the "Known" extensions, such as .txt, .exe, .rar if you have a program that's optionalized to "run them".

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Yep, Jarno Mikkola. my Mega Mod FAQ. Use of the BWS, and how to use it(scroll down that post a bit). 
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#3 tomkaz

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Posted 09 August 2017 - 07:09 AM

Hi The Imp:


I feel like a total idiot.  The folder and search options is one of the first areas that I set up when I install a new OS on my computers.  When I checked it now, everything was turned on.  I reset the folder and search options and all looks well.


I got a strange warning when I was searching for mods two days ago.  It was a red screen which claimed it was from Microsoft.  It said to call the phone number listed (actually listed 4 times) and I would be given instructions to erase a virus I had.  I shut down the computer, rebooted, and check it with Malwarebytes Anti Malware (a great program) and Kaspersky Internet Security.  My computer was clean as this was red page was some sort of malware.


Since the red page, I have had a few weird things like in my mod folder, I had one entries lettering turn green while the other 1500+ entries lettering stayed black.  The green lettering now turned black.


You always come up with excellent solutions.  Thanks for your help.  I will check for other quirks.



#4 tomkaz

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Posted 12 August 2017 - 08:50 AM

Hi All:


I could not find Item Revisions v4 Beta 9.  After much searching at Gibberlings 3, I located the URL.  It is at GitHub.  The URL is:




It is now in pre-release version as Item Revisions v4 Beta 10.  Item Revisions v4 Beta 9 is also available at this sight.


v4 Beta 10 has an error reported with a weapon.


Hope this helps others,