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Why don't she accept to be expelled temporary?

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Posted 12 September 2017 - 08:00 AM



I have Dace in my group and after the bug in trademeet (for which I found the solution (on this forum I think)) I need some place for a new npc testing.


I would like to pick Dace later on, but if i dismiss her, she just go forever... that's a bit frustrating because when I went to the adventurer market at start chapter 2 I had no choice but to take her or kick her from what I saw in the dialogues...


I would have preferred to not pick her so soon, but you know, she just jumped on me :(...


So this is my question: why wouldn't she wait like any other NPC while I do more stuff/quest with other NPC? I mean, she is fun and all, but it's hardly one npc in a game with many.

I already play the game of picking the NPC at their lower level and not raising it to mine, but if I'm forced to use her as a level 10 thief while I'm 17... that's not gonna be useful :/.

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