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Lucerne Hammer (New Weapon Type) need help with inventory avatar B.A.M

BAM Inventory Avatar Lucerne Hammer

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Posted 04 December 2017 - 10:37 AM


Hello! I am trying to get the above image to work for a new weapon type Lucerne Hammer (Halberd proficiency). Basically this is the missing Two-Handed Hammer.


I am lacking the scripting skill to pull this off, the character animation can be a Halberd for now (until the painstaking work of editing the halberd animation frame by frame into a Lucerne Hammer is completed x.x)


May someone more skilled than I with scripting / programming talents please pull this off? I have provided the inventory avatar art asset. This project keeps lingering on and I would like to finally have it be complete. I can create the item illustrations and item B.A.M.s and .ITM files and item descriptions for Default, +1, +1 Special, +2, +2 Special and +3 variants. Here is an example of my item B.A.M. art: https://withinamnesi...he-Lost-Odyssey


Bastard Sword +2 'Vindicator'



Two-Handed Sword +1/+2 'Osprey's Purple Two-Handed Sword'



Ring of Dispossession 'Ring of the Last Ruamathari Prince'







I also have the source books as well for the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Lucerne Hammer. I just need some scripting / programming help from the community to pull this lingering project off. We can have a new (currently missing) item category; I just need a bit of help outside of my element that is all.

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