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Looking for people to make new content with (B.G.1)

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Posted 05 December 2017 - 09:31 PM

Hello, I am looking for some people to create new content with for the Baldur's Gate (2.0+).


I am finding the hardest part of modding is the lack of creative community interplay and the lack thereof that produces the byproduct: solitude. I have a few projects on the go (basically think Dark Side of the Sword Coast but more 'healthy' power-wise in terms of scope) although I have most of the talent and skill to pull off these ambitious projects with high quality standards preserved, it is just really boring working in a ghost town.


Bioware and Beamdog had / has a few friends at its core, Blizzard the same (always a busy place) although I love Baldur's Gate and I want to add another expansion to the original game it is just the lack of people to do this with is the hardest issue to overcome. Sure some things I cannot do but even then I can still make all I need in terms of content at the cost of some quality but the biggest thing is being alone in the creative process. Basically: It sucks. I started a few games in Unity, started YouTube videos and even Discord channels looking for people to work with but it was the same result every time; I could not find people to work together with.


I never really thought long and hard on this kind of issue but it seems that I am the type of person who is socially orientated and I feed off of people and a group enthusiasm. In school I had a great time working with people; I feed off of social energy. Yet here, alone in cyberspace behind a million masked eyes of avatars that you never really get to see or know; it just feels empty.


I would like to show up to a friend's house and do something creative but I never met anyone who did this kind of thing even though I moved from a bunch of towns and cities. I ran an airsoft club doing that, running around the neighborhood door to door and got people having fun, I was on student and community councils, a weight lifting club but now all of my older friends are gone, addicted to drugs and or were never into video game design in the first place. I really miss being more social but I have this passion for creative video games that ends up leaving myself alone drifting around in and out of cyberspace.


I have seen people in the past who worked together on community projects but now when I have my time to shine I cannot find anyone; I don't know why this is. Perhaps Baldur's Gate is dying. I never was very old when I first played Baldur's Gate. You know I got this passion to create more high quality content for the first Baldur's Gate but the biggest issue is being alone doing it.


I have eclipsed the quality of items produced by Beamdog and I have reached Bioware 1998 standards of item quality from nothing more than crappy MS paint skills and old team B.G. tools from the 2000's to start off with but still I am not happy. I am just a more socially creative type of person I suppose.


I am always trying to make high quality content for a player base and trying to make content worth playing but I cannot find anyone else who also does. I feel at this point even if I created one of the greatest additions of content to Baldur's Gate that I still would not be happy with myself; I just want to work with people at the end of the day. Akin to how Dark Side of the Sword Coast was created; by a collective community all adding bits and pieces together. Every great game was created by many hands all working together. It is like that old saying by a Spartan King (in some ways): The people are not blessed by the land, it is the land that is blessed by the people.


I hope that I was clear and concise in this message, hopefully doing away with the seeds of confusion that can spring up and grow from these kinds of text based communications. I have not had much success finding people to create high quality content together with in the past so I do not have my hopes set too high here; rather I am just doing something rather than nothing. These kinds of projects seem to be a bit too complex for whatever reason and without a shared passion people seem to peter out and fade away into the forgotten voids of cyberspace. I have 'gone down with the ship' with community projects so many times working on mods and games, my content, other people's content, as team leader, team lieutenant and team support that I cannot remember how many times it has been where I was the last person who 'went do with the ship'. I am Cursed to dream alone! Eh life, yet I press onward.

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