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[Solved] BWS Setup - Big World Textpack Trouble (still?)

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#1 Rakhu

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Posted 07 January 2018 - 10:49 AM

Hi everyone,


Long time no see :)

After giving up on a few halfhearted tries over the past few years of running a working mega install, making it as far as Baldur's Gate where some crazy map mod screwed up everything, I felt this weekend would be perfect to go back a bit more to the roots and to a basic all the way from BG1 to ToB install.


Unfortunately this did not go well so far...


(minor?) BG Graphics Overhaul on BGT - http://www.shsforums...aphics overhaul

The file itself can't be downloaded anymore, if I understand the conversation correctly it never will be again because the dev has gone MIA. Question: does this cause any vital issues for the game? I can deal with lights shining through windows through the day or not shining at night, but are there any fixes to game breakers in there that I absolutely need?


(major?) Big World Install.bat causing BWS to get stuck - http://www.shsforums...led#entry597152

How would I go about to fix this, and at which point of the installations?

Also I'm aware of some discussion between BWP and BWS, pros and cons about Standard or EE, etc blah blah...

Is it even ok to still use BWS on Standard game, or should I try running with BWP? To be frank I'm not sure what *exactly* is the difference, other than one being .vbs and the other .bat mostly. Both should still work or not? I know BWS says no longer supported, but does that mean only new versions of mods aren't supported, or is it like don't ever touch again not supported?


Also, can anyone point me to that mod that changes BG city area navigation, so I can make sure to EXCLUDE it? I can't find it using text filter, and I'm scared I missed it when going through the whole list of mods manually...

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#2 Rakhu

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Posted 07 January 2018 - 11:05 AM

Here's my BiG World Install Debug.txt

As you can see at the end, it requires some input but whatever I enter to the Send field doesn't to a thing.

I have to kill the setup process because quit doesn't work either.


Also, after killing setup like this, I can no longer resume setup, because it says:

Improperly formatted mod ini file (missing Name):

D:\Spiele\BigWorldSetup\BiG World Setup\Config\BWP.Mod.ini at line 4231


Save=PaintBG v2.0.zip


[parting]   <<<< line 4231
Name=Parting Ways


I guess it has to do with PaintBG mod being listed twice, once with size only. However I cannot just delete it in the mod.ini. It simply gets overwritten wrongly again next time I start BWS setup, which is why I have to reinstall the whole BWS to be able to start it again (making a backup of downloaded mods of course).

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#3 Rakhu

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Posted 07 January 2018 - 11:51 AM

.. and also got that one about world map during install - did I get a wrong version somewhere?

I continued on with (Y)es


|--- BP-Balancer\Lib\ntotsc_action_macro_creatures.tph    Tue Jan 13 13:06:36 2009
|+++ C:\BWP Patchstudio\patched files\BP-Balancer\Lib\ntotsc_action_macro_creatures.tph    Mon Aug 10 21:20:39 2015
patching file 'BP-Balancer\Lib\ntotsc_action_macro_creatures.tph'
Using Plan A...
Hunk #1 succeeded at 341.
Appending to files ...

WARNING: File "setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.tp2" contains 'VERSION "v10.2.2"' instead of expected 'VERSION "v10.2.1"'!  This is the file targeted for patching in "SETUP-BP-BGT-WORLDMAP.TP2.PATCH" in "Big World Fixpack/bp-bgt_worldmap".  This might mean that the patches for this mod were made for a different version of the mod than the one that you are using, or this might mean that the mod was already patched and then removed from the list in the "BWP_Fixpack.installed" file without restoring the original pre-patched files.

Do you want to try to apply the patch anyway?  If the target file is different from the original file that was used to create the patch, then the patch might fail completely (making no changes) or it might fail partially (making some changes) or it might succeed with 'fuzz' (if all of the lines to change are still in the file, but some other lines were added in between).  If partial patching occurs, the mod might fail to install or manifest other problems later.  If in doubt, please visit one of the modding forums and ask for help.

[Enter Y if you want to try patching anyway, anything else to skip patching this mod.]


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Posted 08 January 2018 - 03:32 AM

BG Graphics Overhaul on BGT has some issues, i'm suggesting to skip it. Using BWS for classic games is perfectly fine: http://www.shsforums...gt/#entry599347 + http://www.shsforums...225#entry597262


WARNING: File "setup-bp-bgt-worldmap.tp2" contains 'VERSION "v10.2.2"' instead of expected 'VERSION "v10.2.1"'!

You have outdated BWFixpack. BWS should download new version automatically. Delete "BiG-World-Fixpack-master.zip" from you BiG World Downloads.


Also, can anyone point me to that mod that changes BG city area navigation, so I can make sure to EXCLUDE it? I can't find it using text filter, and I'm scared I missed it when going through the whole list of mods manually...

If you choose mods randomly, without reading the readme to know what they actually do, that's no way to use BWS or even install mods manually.

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You cannot have progress without changes...



#5 Rakhu

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 02:09 PM

Hi Alien,


Thank you for your reply.


- I removed BG Graphics Overhaul on BGT - solved.


- I also deleted the BiG-World-Fixpack-master.zip, but it get the same version and the same error again. Could it be that the current download does not take into account the most recent version of World Map yet?


- The biggest problem remains at the bottom of my BiG World Install Debug.txt I provided previously - here the setup is just stuck and I don't really know what to do. Running the BiG World Install.bat just starts another mega mod setup, which is probably not what I want (??)

#6 Rakhu

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Posted 12 January 2018 - 03:12 PM

I'm stumped... I even tried to run BGT install from that Batch file for the first time (always used BWS before).

It did work, no (visible) critical errors, but... well, it just starts a vanilla BG2 or ToB game, no BG1 option, and none of the installed mods are in effect as far as I can see.

So... if neither of these install options work, I guess non EE is dead for the time being.

I'll check back in a few weeks or months again... hope never dies.

#7 Rakhu

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Posted 20 January 2018 - 02:32 PM

Here is an update with the answers I have found, if anyone else is running into the same issue(s).


Worldmap: I have no idea if installing 10.2.1 or 10.2.2 really makes hell of a difference. I solved the issue by downloading 10.2.1 from here

http://www.shsforums...p-bgt-worldmap/ (previous version download links are on the right side)

BWS downloads 10.2.2, however after extraction phase just replace what is in your game folder with the contents from 10.2.1 - not just the bp-bgt_worldmap folder, but also the 4 files directly in your game folder, and continue. Problem solved.


Crashes in Baldur's Gate because of some mod: that mod was BG Travel. I think it is even fixed meanwhile, however I'm not taking it into my install.


BiG World Install.bat breaking installation: When IF NOT EXIST BWP_Textpack.installed Call "BiG World Textpack.bat" occurs and you're asked to "Please start the "BiG World Install.bat"", then you should not do that. On the contrary, after extracting all mods and before installation starts, delete the BiG World Install.bat from your game folder and everything should run smoothly.

#8 -Perkele1-

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Posted 06 February 2018 - 02:25 PM

Thanks Rakhu for your help!


But now without the big world install.bat other mods afterward can't find tobex - they just can't see that it's installed. So I think the installpack is needed. Didn't you have the same experience?