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Baldur's Gate 2 Shadows Over Soubar Walkthrough (2018)

Shadows Over Soubar Walkthrough SOS Walkthrough

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Posted 09 February 2018 - 07:37 AM

Good day! Here's my walkthrough for the fantastic Shadows Over Soubar mod for BG2, BGT or BG2EE (at least I've tried it with version 1.3).

I hope the walkthrough helps some folks with the more difficult or finicky aspects of SOS and to enjoy the mod more so. Have fun!

This is a part of my BG2 complete walkthrough at scribd.com

The SOS walkthrough is focused on the main quest but is not completionist for the entire scope of the SOS mod. It does include information on the following quests and typical finicky points:

Selence's 1st quest (money; key from Sir William)
Selence's 2nd quest (Adventure Mart; lion statue at night)
How and where to acquire the two letters
Selence's 3rd quest (defeat Lolth)
How to skip Selence's quests to get to the main quest
The main quest
How to use the manacles on the Triel villagers (becoming prisoners)
Spy Quest (Spy Hunt; implicating the Mayor or Ceeb Isson)
How to return to Athkatla from Soubar
Accessing the Warrens/Tunnels, and the basement areas of Lyrar's and the Barracks
How to defeat Rolf Sureblade at Lyrar's Hold
How to defeat the Master Werewolf in the optional side quest
Charlotte's two small quests
If necessary: Some handy CLUAConsole commands with item and area codes

Information on the other NPC's are not included (Bolivar and Tomas Tamalson)
Selence's Stronghold quests are not detailed, either.
Refer to the more complete walkthrough (v. 1.04 by Suburban Jub Collective) for a thorough mention of all the NPC's, loot, stores and other information about the mod:


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