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There's a new modder in the Asylum: SHS welcomes Artemius_I

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 12:52 AM

Today we welcome a new modder many of you may already know: Artemius_I - the author of companion mods, various tweaks, kits and many more. Many of those, who use Enhanced Edition games probably heard his name before. From now on you'll find his mods hosted here, at Spellhold Studios.

Joinable Companion Mods:

Sirene NPC for BGEE, SoD, BG2EE (forumdownload)
A lawful good female tiefling paladin of Ilmater. Banters, friendship, romance for both genders and a custom-designed kit. Sirene exhibits many of the typical qualities expected of a paladin; she is kind, dutiful and faithful. However, beneath her calm exterior lies a hidden temper owing to the fell blood which flows in her veins.

Drake NPC for BGEE, SoD (forumdownload)
A neutral good male human priest of Tyr with an irreverent and sarcastic attitude who serves the Order of the Radiant Heart, sent to investigate the iron crisis in the north. Banters, friendship and original voicing. BG2EE portion of the mod is under development.

Pai'Na NPC for BG2EE (forumdownload)
A true neutral female half-drow hivemaster. An expansion of the original BG2 minor character with banters and friendship. Personality-wise, she can be moody, unsociable and temperamental, but she isnt that bad of a person if you get on her good side.

Aura NPC for BGEE, SoD (forumdownload)
A lawful good gnome artificer thief. Banters, friendship, quest, new items and hints towards a romance with a female PC. Aura is kind and idealistic at heart. She can be rather shy and socially inept when interacting with strangers, but easily turns peppy and excitable when the topic strays into her fields of expertise. BG2EE portion of the mod is under development.

Most companions written by Artemius include crossmod banters between each other as well as with other companion mods like Fade (BG2), Verr'Sza (BGEE), Will (BG2EE), White (BG). Sirene also reacts to some quest mods, G3 Romantic Encounters and some more. You may expect even more crossmod content in the future.

Tweaks, Rule Changes and Additions:

Shadow Magic for BGEE, SoD, BG2EE (forumdownload)
Adds a new school of magic to the game. Play as a Shadow Adept with a selection of 100+ exclusive Shadow Weave spells, some with similarities with Weave magic while others are completely original. Shadow Magic is more powerful than regular magic but also dangerous as it drains the user's life force. Includes new kits with exclusive spells, items and familiars.

Artemius' Tweaks (forumdownload)
Assorted personalized tweaks that might interest many players. You'll find here components like: Expanded Racial Enemies, Expanded Shapeshifting, Expanded Racial Bonuses, Cloak of Dragomir only decreases stats in daylight, new kits and many more.

We're also happy to welcome some new kit mods written by Artemius:

The Artisan's Kitpack (threaddownload)
This mod adds a collection of custom-made kits and reworks of existing kits for various classes.

Bardic Wonders (threaddownload)
This mod adds new bard kits with specialized bard songs to the game, as well as a new merchant to Baldur's Gate II who carries new bardic items.

Warlock Mod (threaddownload)
This mod adds a version of the Warlock as a kit/pseudo-unique class.

As you can see, many new mods joined SHS today. We encourage you to check them out! Enjoy!

P.S. Spellhold has opened a new subforum dedicated for kit mods. It's a communal subforum where kit mods of various authors could be hosted, so any kits of a good quality are welcome.

The Old Gold - v0.2 WIP (mod for BGT/BWP/BWS)

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Posted 11 August 2018 - 02:52 PM

...man, that's a lot of stuff.

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Posted 12 August 2018 - 12:01 AM