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My Compilation v2.0 release

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#1 Vlad

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Posted 28 September 2018 - 05:04 PM

My present compilation comprises the following components:
  •   Baldurdash Fix Pack for SoA-ToB, v1.76 WeiDU
  •   Tortured Souls v7.06
  •   Keldorn Romance v1.0
  •   Third Path
  •   Improved Monk Class (by Vlad)
  •   "Firewalker" Shar-Teel (custom kit and continuous character) plus her unique quest, improved Firkraag's Dungeon and Firkraag himself (by Vlad)
  •   Leina - New Bard NPC Character, Romance, Flirts (many and all the time) and Quest (by Vlad)
  •   Priest of Sylvanus (Druid) Kit and Improved Character Jaheira (by Vlad)
  •   New Jaheira Portrait (by Vlad)
  •   Restored Anti-Dragon Items and Powerful Swords (by Vlad)
  •   Restored Twisted Rune Quest (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Copper Coronet and Slavers Encounters (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Shadows and Shadow Dragon (by Vlad)
  •   Restored Dak'kon's Blade (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Nymph (Woodland Being) Script (by Goeran Rimen)
  •   Dual Wielding Fix for Rogues (by aVENGER)
  •   Cromwell in Brynnlaw and Item Upgrade (by Vlad)
  •   Captain Golin and any-time voyage from Brynnlaw to Athkatla and back (by Vlad)
  •   Cespenar's New Items Upgrade
  •   Improved Character Anomen - Stats and Items (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Character Nalia - Stats and Items (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Character Jan Jansen (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Character Aerie - Wildwanderer of Baervan (custom kit, stats and items) (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Character Edwin - Red Wizard  (custom kit, stats and items) (by Vlad)
  •   Improved Character Viconia - Darkcloak of Shar (custom kit, stats and items) (by Vlad)
  •   Charming Rogue - Continuous and Custom Kit Imoen (by Vlad)
  •   Enhanced Encounter with Illasera in ToB (by Vlad)
  •   Enhanced Encounter with Gromnir in ToB (by Vlad)
  •   Enhanced Encounter with Yaga Shura in ToB (by Vlad)
  •   Enhanced Encounter with Abazigal in ToB (by Vlad)
    Highlighted features:
    • Shar-Teel and Leina along with all their banters, quests, items and interjections are now available as stand-alone versions and optional components of this compilation
    • Shar-Teel's quest mainly takes place in Firkraag's Dungeon, which is now enhanced plus Firkraag himself is a bit tougher than his original version
    • Leina's quest is large, followed by frequent fights in Athkatla
    • Leina and Sime can talk with a protagonist by pushing the talk button (flirts)
    • Priest Of Sylvanus kit and new portraits for Jaheira is now available as a stand-alone version
    • Continuous and Custom Kit "Charming Rogue" for Imoen is now available as a stand-alone version
    • Restored anti-dragon items and powerful swords
    • New Item Upgrades - Cromwell and Cespenar can now upgrade even more items, just don't sell or throw their components
    • Golin can now bring you to Athkatla and back to Brynnlaw on your request and payment (of course)
    • Strongly enhanced Copper Coronet and Slaver's Quest with a new encounter in the Sewers under Copper Coronet and with frequent encounters with slavers in Athkatla (after you destroyed their base)
    • Improved Shadows, new types of Shadows and improved Shadow Dragon
    • Improved original NPCs with their new items and/or kits: Anomen, Aerie, Jan, Nalia, Edwin, Viconia
    • Enhanced encounters in ToB with Illasera, Gromnir, Yaga-Shura, Abazigal
    • New options in dialogues with Sendai and Baltazar
    • Partial multi-stronghold is returned. Dual classes can get two strongholds.
      For BGT installations:
      •   Merchant League Bank (by Vlad)
      •   Tougher Black Talone Elites (by Vlad)
      •   Stats and Portraits of Viconia and Jaheira. BG1 Viconia and Jaheira can get their BG2 portraits and stats (by Vlad).
      •   Improved Character Edwin (by Vlad)
      •   Improved Character Xan (by Vlad)
      •   Imoen, Jaheira, Viconia, Shar-Teel, Edwin, Jaheira and Minsc are continuous characters and are smoothly transferred from BG1 to BG2 upon transition with all their accumulated experience and stats
        Some tips:
        • Since the quest of Shar-Teel starts in Copper's Coronet when Lord Firkraag recognises Shar-Teel as Angelo's daughter, if he he doesn't see Shar-Teel, the quest won't start. It means, you should let Shar-Teel to talk to Firkraag, or place her nearby during the first conversation with him, so he can see her. Otherwise, he will give you his normal quest to clear WH from orcs and then leave.
        • Esmond is in the cave of Umar Hills. However, he will appear there with his beasts only when Durbin or Firkraag give you a hint.
        • Enhanced Copper Coronet is an optional component and you may decide not to install it, but enhanced Firkraag's dungeon is *a must*. So prepare well before you go there.
        • Leina's quest starts immediately once you approach the Copper Coronet. A messenger boy dressed in a yellow shirt standing on the roof of the Copper Coronet will summon you to the Five Flagons. There is no rush to visit the FF, so you may attend to many other quests in the meantime. The barkeep of the FF has an important favour to ask of the group.
        • When the group enters Leina’s room, they see obvious signs of a struggle (Leina’s musical instruments are there too), a clear indication to the group that she did not leave voluntarily. You should pick up her instruments. If not, Leina will insist on returning to the tavern for them after her release. A search of the room reveals the crumpled roses and love letter, tossed carelessly into a corner.
        • In order to have access to Vulova's estate and find Leina, you now can either join forces with Bodhi or choose the Third Path. If you choose the Third Path, you'll probably have no choice but kill her father. Be careful in talking to her after her release if you want to romance her during the game.
        • Govan Duvaine can be found in the Copper Coronet drinking hard with his friends (he is sitting there).
        • Before you enter the maze under Vulova's Estate, prepare well, as there will be no supplies and you cannot rest there. Have a good thief (Melora or Yoshi) with you to disarm multiple traps.
        • Leina's pedant can be competed by combining her mother's and father's pedants in one. This is truly formidable item which only Leina can wear.
        • Leina's flirts are many and available by clicking on her Talk icon. You'll have three different sets of flirts (one after another), dependent on the stage of your relationship with her. And there is an additional set of flirts, specific for Halruaa (if you have NeJ3 installed). 
        • There are many banters and interjections, means all the NPCs are very talkable. However, not all of them can initiate a dialogue or interject if they don't see each other or your protagonist (although I've tried to fix this by removing the See() trigger from all the dialogues). So, if you have a thief or mage with the invisibility option, please don't keep him/her invisible all the time, only when it's needed.
        • The best weapon against doom guards and doom warriors is a crushing weapon, such as hammers, maces and flails, even non-magical.
        • Romance with Leina is very easy to break. Please be very kind to her and very understanding, good listener. It means you should choose your responses wisely. Flirts will start only after the talk when she asks you to sit near her when the party rests. Sometimes, she asks you to sleep in a tavern tonight and until you do that, she may remain silent). It just happens that many love talks with Leina take place outdoor (forest, for example). So try to rest outdoor, not inside dungeons, particularly if you see no love talks for a long time. Also, listen to Leina when she asks you something. If she wants a bath tonight in some inn, choose any inn in Athkatla and stay one night there.
        • Save, save and again save. If you feel opponents are tough, try different tactics. If they become easy, increase the difficultly level in your game settings. Anyway I would be happy to discuss the balance of the game.
          BG2 Installation:
          • Only over a clean original BG2 (SoA + ToB) + official ToB patch 26498
            BGT Installation:
            • Only over a clean original BG2 (SoA + ToB) + official ToB patch 26498 + BGT v1.18 (the last version)
            • If you install NeJ3 next, you may install BG songs to restore the original BG songs. But when you move to BG2, you should uninstall the BG songs
              If you're going to install NeJ3 next, please don't install the TS custom GUI (there will be a notice during the installation).

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              #2 Sergio

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              Posted 05 October 2018 - 06:48 AM

              Damn, I'm pretty curious about all the material you've released.


              Apart from Shar'teel, was any other npc(S) added?

              And by the way, did you add evil options\paths?

              Low hung brow, dazed look on your face..... It appears that you are correct, my friend. You are indeed a complete imbecile.

              #3 Vlad

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              Posted 05 October 2018 - 09:27 AM

              If it's only compilation (without NeJ3), then Leina, Sime (from TS) and Kachiko (in pair with Yoshimo) (from TS).


              Well, getting and romancing Leina, you cannot chose the good way - either joining Bodhi or going via Third Path. Both ways may be considered evil or neutral. In TS, you'll get Bodhi in your party on the Island of Tortured Souls.

              #4 Sergio

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              Posted 05 October 2018 - 09:53 AM

              Good. I'm waiting BP v19 then I'll start playing (or so I hope)

              Thanks a lot for your reply.

              Low hung brow, dazed look on your face..... It appears that you are correct, my friend. You are indeed a complete imbecile.

              #5 tomkaz

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              Posted 10 October 2018 - 10:27 AM

              Hi Vlad:


              It has been a while since I have played your mods.  I enjoyed them very much.  I had problems with illness and BIOS settings that cause two severe computer crashes.  Finally got the computer fixed and everything working.


              I saw that Leonardo came out with BWP v18 and included your VCv1.0 mod.  In searching for mods to incorporate into a mega-mod game, I came across the latest version, VCv2.0.  


              I only have one question.  Your "My present compilation comprises the following components:".  There are 30 items in that list.  In order to play VCv1.0 or VCv2.0, do you need to download each one of those mods into the mega-mod game?  Or all those mods incorporated into the VCv1.0 and VCv2.0 mods?


              I woulds appreciate help with this, as I am looking to play your mods again.


              Thanks for your terrific mods, 



              #6 Vlad

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              Posted 10 October 2018 - 12:38 PM

              Hi Tom,


              VC v1.0 is significantly outdated and shouldn't be installed. Please get VC v2.0. Leonardo will need to incorporate both VC v2.0 and NeJ3 v7.02 as these seems to be my final releases.


              The minor fix for TP2 file of the compilation solving the compatibility issue of the installation with BGT is here:


              VC v2.0 Setup Fix (for BGT players)


              All components are incorporated in one installation file. You just need to launch the installation file, and during the installation you'll be presented with the choice of the components. Most of the components except the major (first) one are optional. You may decide, for example, not to install Improved Characters or Tortured Souls. However, I don't recommend to skip any one of them unless you are sure what you are doing and which files won't be installed.

              Edited by Vlad, 10 October 2018 - 12:38 PM.