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Mod translations crowdsourcing

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Posted 22 December 2018 - 09:50 AM

Again, not sure if this the correct forum, sorry if not.


Just for general public information, there's a translation system which allows to crowdsource mod translations.

To describe briefly,

1) you host your mod on github, you hook the system up.

2) people register in the system and translate stuff that they want.

3) the translated stuff is pushed back to the repo.


If you push new strings to github, presenting them to translators is handled automatically. Also there are many QoL features such as glossary, progress tracking, history, various automated checks, etc.

Note that Ascension is already there.


So, if you're a modder, there's an option to use that for your mods (see forum for details). If you're a translator, you can sign up and poke around, maybe help with Ascension... or some other stuff, if you like.

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