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XP reward for spell casting

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Posted 26 December 2018 - 01:28 PM



Glad to see this place is alive!

Merry Christmas to everyone (or Hanuka)! :hug:


I found igi's concept of granting XP for mages (clerics is another story) for spell casting very cool, But, it uses a lot of scripts, that bothered me.

I like to getting XP from theving for rogues or any other rewards for class-specific activity. In future I would make a mod that drastically lowers XP rewards from quests and killing creatures, so rewards for class-specific activities would play major role in level advancing. For now we need to implement this rewards. 


So, I tried to recreate it in a way that no scripts needed.

Problem is, I'm not a programmer and all my weidu skills left in past. If someone provides help it would be greatly apreciated.


Main idea is to add GainXP opcode to spells, but limit total XP gained that way, so we don't get 30 levels already in Candlekeep by using Magic Missile million times. 

Igi used script to count every spell usage. Instead, I propose to reward mage only for highest assessible spells through extended headers. Example, 1st (and 2nd) level mage gain XP for casting spells from 1st spell-level (Magic Missile, Armor etc), on 3rd level mage get access to 2nd spell-tier and don't get more experience from casting 1st tier spells. 


Proposed XP reward

Lvl 1,2 | 3,4 | 5,6 | 7,8 | 9,10 | 11,12 | 13,14 | 15,16 | 17,18 | 19,20 |

1    50

2           100

3                   150

4                           200

5                                    250

6                                               300

7                                                           350

8                                                                       400

9                                                                                  500 


I'm open for any ideas, concept is not made in stone. Especialy roleplay-wise ideas, like provide reward only to specialist mages and only for preferred school etc.


Possible weidu interpretation:

Copy all *.spl 
if type "mage"
read spell level
set (spell level x2) as "max level XP" \\so 2nd tier spells would reward till 4th level
read "usage level" through all extended effects headers
If highest usage level is lower than ("max level XP" +1) than create copy of extended effects header with highest usage level and set usage level in that copy as ("max level XP" +1)  \\without it engine couldn't determine point where You shouldn't be rewarded anymore
read through all extended effects headers and if level lower than ("max XP level" +1) add new effect 
giveXP to caster ("max XP level" x25) \\this number is subject to change
set "patched" = 1
if "patched" = 1 go to next spell
Quest level spells needs additional patch to grant 1000XP without level limit
Thanks for reading  :new_thumbs:

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