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Jester Song in Rogue Rebalancing

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Posted 15 January 2019 - 04:26 AM

I'm preparing for another solo Jester run with RR nad this time I wanted to delve in his unique song a bit more.

If we compare vanilla and RR versions at their highest, non-HLA levels, it goes like this:


Vanilla, level 20, non-magical effects

save vs Spells +2, confused

save vs Spells, slowed

save vs Spells +2, unconscious/sleep


Rogue Rebalancing, level 18

save vs Spells, distracted <--- 2 points penalty to AC, THAC0, 20% chance of spell failure

save vs Spells +2, confused <--- same as vanilla

save vs Spells +4, mesmerized <--- immobile until attacked


Does it mean that vanilla Jester songs beats that of RR? I mean, slow effects are usually superior to small penalties you get from distracted... and being mesmerized (not moving until hostile action is taken) seems to be a downgrade from being unconscious (not moving at all). Not to mention the +4 save.


Do I get this right? Is it how Jester song really works?


On a sidenote, few technical questions:

1) Does vanilla song work in this order: slow overrides confusion, unconscious overrides slow?

2) What about RR version, is it: confusion overrides distraction, mesmerize overrides confusion?

3) If a target failed all 3 saves (RR) and I attacked him, would he stop being mesmerized, but still suffer from effect no. 2, which is confusion? <--- I believe it's not the case from my experience but want to be sure