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Dace v3 with EET compatibility and major bugfixes!

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Posted 27 February 2019 - 11:24 AM



Dace Linton is a Chaotic Neutral human female bounty hunter, about 33 years old. She will come over and speak to your PC if you leave or enter through the lower archway of Waukeen's Promenade, where you can find her standing on the steps.

Dace is a slight, wiry woman with short brown hair and clothing of a decidedly nondescript colour and practical cut. She speaks in an unremarkable contralto voice, clipping some words strangely and finishing others with a slight lilt. She has a somewhat crooked grin, as though some emotion other than amusement always manages to twist her smile slightly at the last minute. Dace seems very fond of the notion of practicality but doesn't always practice what she preaches, and occasionally shows a streak of whimsicality that borders on ridiculousness. Ninety percent of the time she is operating on Full-Sarcastic, Half-Obnoxious mode, but she is also capable of brief moments of unique insight and kindness.


v3 comes with additional native EET compatibility and a lot of major bug fixes!


- last line in "clean your face" flirt restored (wrong tra reference)

- Edwin's Nether Scroll quest: Edwin will no longer turn hostile after Dace's interjection (added passback line to original character)

- fixed Dace-Sarevok interaction in ToB

- moved interjection from end-Melissan to earlier dialogue state so it doesn't screw the cutscene

- kickout and rejoin dialogue should work

- optimized dialogue trigger scripts (no timers in the dialogue triggers, !See([ENEMY]) etc in the activation script block, etc)

- optimimized order of actions in dialogues (EscapeArea() at the end of actions etc.)

- switched mixed-up DAMAGE and HURT lines

- removed Yoshimo's sound references from Dace's cre files

- Dace's higher level cres now use THIEF_FEMALE_HUMAN avatar, too

- first lines of banters weren't traified

- last Viconia's banter didn't use the correct dlg

- removed Undroppable flag from cre files Hellcat item reference (Dace should be able to equip the weapon after she died).

- Watcher's Keep interjections should trigger correctly and not end abruptly

- added STATE_NOTVALID trigger to dream script so hopefully CTD upon resting with Dace dead in Party doesn't occur again

- added "See("xxx")" to all interjections

- added "Global("T#Dace_WasInParty","GLOBAL",1)" if Dace was in party and changed her reappearances to MoveGlobal in case she was in party before.

- interjection into Illasera if in party will no longer end abruptly

- the whole "Dace and Illasera" scenarios should work as intended

- if not in party and not friendly: cutscene will spawn Dace near Illasera to prevent her from walking while Illasera is already attacking the PC

- fixed wrong DV call "Dace" for check whether Dace can talk (banter and rest talks)

- epilogues fixed (EXTEND_TOP + Continue())

- fixed references to t#dace25.cre and corrected tob dlg and script patching

- added missing copy of t#dace14.cre

- EET compatibility added

- updated ids patching

- added REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~dace.tp2~ to optional portrait component

- update to WeiDU v246


Download (all OS)