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Tutorial weidu - How to list components of the mods


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Posted 27 May 2019 - 09:43 AM

Ok, i´m going to explain how to list the components (and the numbers) with weidu, usefull when you are updating your mods or testing the mods in a megamod installation like bwp.




When you are testing mods, new components has new numbers. You can add this numbers in a megamod installation (try to put "in order", not always the new numbers will be the last one). But this procedure has other utility: to check the numbers of the components of a mod. In a very few cases, some mods CHANGE the number of a component betwen the versions of the mod. But the most common case is when one or more components are deprecated by a mod. That´s the case of stratagems v31, it deprecated some components related to a bgt installation (most of them). The guide for bwp v18.1 incorrectly list this components to install from stratagems, although it is not like that: the .tp2 (and the readme) from stratagems v31 mark them as "deprecated". You have to install this components from the new version 8 of "tweaks anthologies", and to do that you will need to know the new numbers for the components "exported" to anthologies to add in a megamod installation. And that´s when you need the tutorial video.


I know, for modders the tutorial does not show anything that they already do not know, but for gamers who aren´t modders and/or don´t know even the basics commands of weidu, the only choice when this type of problems appear was sit and wait one year until bwp was updated. Until now :naughty: .


Some mods than have changed after the last release of bwp v18 were stratagems (v32 is still in "beta" release candidate and still have some bugs), tweaks anthologies, northen tales of the sword coast (many bug fixes, the last version 3.1.1 is compatible with bwp v18.1, remember since v2.0 is independient from dark side of the sword coast), ascalons questpack and ascalons breagar (but those are for german players, the traduction to english is incomplete), refinements, that´s the mods i remember.


Remember to read carefully the readmes BEFORE install updated mods in a megamod installation. You are at your own, because you will be playing/testing (sometimes the difference is very diffuse) new versions of the mods and no one did it before, but you still can report what you have found when a mod interact with other mods, or even with the bwp.



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