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Would there be any possibility of getting an update of this great mod

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#1 leandor

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Posted 16 June 2019 - 01:31 AM

Heya o/


Sorry to be a bother, but I was kinda looking into old stuff I used to play with, while building my current installation and I remembered about this mod!


Would there be any chance to get an update to the parts of this mod that don't work on EE yet?


I'm particular keen to the "Mages drop spellbooks" tweak, that required ToBex to install... and I know that some features of ToBex were implemented into the EE engines... but I'm not savvy enough to know if the features required for that particular tweak are available to use... but I really like that feature of this mod and I'd certainly love to have it in my EE runs :)


Also, I've tested other options and some of them already install on EEs (many of them install, at least) and even the "Gain stats as you level up" work too! It's only the options that require ToBex that fail the check and can't be installed.


Since we're talking about the "Gain stats as you level up" option... I'd love for an extra choice there too: one that lets everyone gain stats *except* the main character, that way I can rest assured that I can use the tomes on my CHARNAME and the other party members will have their source of stat points too :)


Again, sorry to be a bother... but I though I'd check out and maybe see if there's someone around here still :P


Best wishes,