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Request for IWD2 UI fix (unusual res)

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 11:14 PM

Greetings all!  I'm hoping someone can maybe help me, and if not, thanks for reading anyway!  I've posted this request in a few other forums including Sorcerer's.Net and the WSGF forum.  I am playing IWD2 currently and am using a 35" Ultrawide monitor.  Since we're not getting an IWD2 enhanced edition, IWD2 is the only IE game that will not natively fit my screen.  In looking for a solution I've found that the widescreen mod will work with custom resolutions created in the Nvidia control panel.  I've created a couple of resolutions that keep the zoomed in feel of 800x600, but with allowing for my entire screen to be filled without stretching.


I've created a custom resolution of 1512x648.  This looks absolutey fantastic!  Nothing is too small, the interface looks great and doesn't require a bigger font mod, and there is not stretching, since the resolution fits the aspect ratio.  The only problem is getting the interface to fill the screen.  Just like with any widescreen mod for IWD2, there is a black space at the bottom right side of the UI.  The dude who made the UI mod for custom resolutions did a fantastic job, but did not think to include strange custom resolutions (how could he, they didn't exist) of 1512x648.


The short of the long is that I'm looking for one of two things: either knowledge on how to edit the UI on my own, or for someone to make me a custom UI for 1512x648.  I've downloaded DLTCEP and Near Infinity, and understand how to browse the UI files: the *.mos and *.chu files.  I even got as far as taking the individual image files of the interface (*.MOS files) and converting them to bmp, editing them to "fill" the right side of the screen where it's a black void, and then resaved as *.MOS format again.  I basically just opened each one in paint, copied portion of the UI color scheme and pattern, and pasted it in to fill the black space in a way that doesn't look goofy.  However, I am unable to get the game to use these files.  I've tried installing the Widescreen mod and editing those files directly.  I've also tried installing a custom UI using the aforementioned mod and editing those files.  Nothing seems to work.  I believe the issue is in also needing to edit the *.CHU file to "accept" the new image files and custom resolution, but I've no idea how to do that.


I've love a custom UI for IWD2 for 1512x648, as well as 1620x720 (this is the ultrawide analogue for 720p and also works great).  I appreciate any response or nudge in the right direction.  I'd even be willing to pay for such a mod should that be requested.  Ultimately I want my own version of an EE for IWD2, as close as I can get anyway.


And if nothing else, I hope this post helps at least a few of you to be able to use your entire Ultrawide monitor to enjoy the awesome art in IWD2.  If requested, I can also post screenshots of how the game looks in 1512x648 and/or 1680x720.


Thanks in advance for any help, including just reading this lengthy post. :)

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