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Dace updates to v5 with bugfixes and EET compatibility!

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#1 jastey

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Posted 27 February 2019 - 11:06 AM

In v3, all reported bugs are fixed. Only these I could not reproduce:

-Dace repeating dialogues

-Dace cannot be kicked out of the party after being abducted because wrong dialogue kicks in

-Missing 2 * and Missing saving throws (I have absolutely no idea about these things, feel free to provide corrected cre files)


Changes of v3:

- last line in "clean your face" flirt restored (wrong tra reference)

- Edwin's Nether Scroll quest: Edwin will no longer turn hostile after Dace's interjection (added passback line to original character)

- fixed Dace-Sarevok interaction in ToB

- moved interjection from end-Melissan to earlier dialogue state so it doesn't screw the cutscene

- kickout and rejoin dialogue should work

- optimized dialogue trigger scripts (no timers in the dialogue triggers, !See([ENEMY]) etc in the activation script block, etc)

- optimimized order of actions in dialogues (EscapeArea() at the end of actions etc.)

- switched mixed-up DAMAGE and HURT lines

- removed Yoshimo's sound references from Dace's cre files

- Dace's higher level cres now use THIEF_FEMALE_HUMAN avatar, too

- first lines of banters weren't traified

- last Viconia's banter didn't use the correct dlg

- removed Undroppable flag from cre files Hellcat item reference (Dace should be able to equip the weapon after she died).

- Watcher's Keep interjections should trigger correctly and not end abruptly

- added STATE_NOTVALID trigger to dream script so hopefully CTD upon resting with Dace dead in Party doesn't occur again

- added "See("xxx")" to all interjections

- added "Global("T#Dace_WasInParty","GLOBAL",1)" if Dace was in party and changed her reappearances to MoveGlobal in case she was in party before.

- interjection into Illasera if in party will no longer end abruptly

- the whole "Dace and Illasera" scenarios should work as intended

- if not in party and not friendly: cutscene will spawn Dace near Illasera to prevent her from walking while Illasera is already attacking the PC

- fixed wrong DV call "Dace" for check whether Dace can talk (banter and rest talks)

- epilogues fixed (EXTEND_TOP + Continue())

- fixed references to t#dace25.cre and corrected tob dlg and script patching

- added missing copy of t#dace14.cre

- EET compatibility added

- updated ids patching

- added REQUIRE_COMPONENT ~dace.tp2~ to optional portrait component

- update to WeiDU v246

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#2 jastey

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Posted 09 March 2019 - 08:02 AM

Update to v4 with Creepin's cre files fixes:

- Proficiency pips fixed for t#dace8, t#dace12 and t#dace14;

- Saving throws fixed for t#dace8 and t#dace14;

- THAC0 fixed for t#dace14;

- HP fixed for t#dace8, t#dace12 and t#dace14.cre.


Thank you, Creepin!


This means that all reported reproducible bugs are fixed. It's time for new bug reports! :)

#3 jastey

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Posted 10 March 2019 - 01:49 PM

And another update to v5 with more creature fixes by Creepin: XP values according to Dace's level, sex (female), and amount of thieving points. Also, distribution of thieving points was adjusted with regards to Dace's kit (Bounty Hunter).