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List of Romance Dialogues

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Posted 02 December 2019 - 01:03 PM

This is a list of the first lines of Edwin's Romance dialogues and the condition for it to set (SoA):


//Edwin Lovetalk 1
@0    = ~So, <CHARNAME>, Mae'Var has become worm food, exactly as the fool deserved.~

//Edwin Lovetalk 2
@21   = ~Tell me, how have you spent your time since we parted ways? You seem to be more accomplished than I remember you!~

//Edwin Lovetalk 3
@42   = ~I have been thinking...~

//Edwin Lovetalk 4
@70   = ~It must be an extraordinarily pleasurable, not to mention humbling experience to have a mage of my caliber join this group.~ [EDWI2505]

//Edwin Lovetalk 5 (resttalk)
@101  = ~You suddenly notice that Edwin doesn't look at all well. His eyes are glazed and unfocused, his face is redder than normal, and there is a strong smell of alcohol emanating from him. Whatever he's been drinking when you weren't paying attention, there has to have been a lot of it.~

//Edwin Lovetalk 6 (after resting wakeup)
@148  = ~Well, you certainly are a sorry excuse for a Bhaalspawn, aren't you <CHARNAME>? All that power, the divine heritage, the birthright of Murder, and what do we get? A naive ingenue with the mental agility of dandruff, the social graces of a rampaging Rashemani berserker at a Thayvian tea party, and the common sense of one of those small, annoying dogs that run around in circles and yap all the time.~

//Edwin Lovetalk 7
@203  = ~There is something I have been wondering about you for some time, <CHARNAME>. Care to enlighten me so I can go back to more important pastimes, like baiting Cowled Wizards? Their corpses frequently yield useful scrolls and my spell-book needs refreshing.~

//Edwin Lovetalk 8
@228  = ~Do you recall the conversation we had recently, <CHARNAME>?~

//Edwin Lovetalk 9
@294  = ~Tell me, <CHARNAME>, have you never wondered what it would be like to assume your dead sire's power? To be a divinity, all-powerful and immortal, able to leave all the irritating pests and frequent annoyances of this world behind?~

--"Edwina" talks --

//Edwin Lovetalk 10
@0    = ~WHAT? Why are you staring at me, wench? Don't bother denying it, I didn't lose my brains along with my...uh...never mind that.~

//Edwin Lovetalk 11 (resttalk)
@45   = ~AAAAGH! No! NO!~

//Edwin Lovetalk 12
@106  = ~<CHARNAME>? I would have a word with you, in private if you please. (Good. I remembered to use the magic word. Hopefully that will help smooth the path.)~

//Edwin Lovetalk 13
@175  = ~<CHARNAME>, there is something I've been meaning to ask you about this business of being female. It is a bit...awkward.~

// Edwin Lovetalk 14 (after Degardan)
@285  = ~What, <CHARNAME>? The blood money my associates offer does not tantalize you? Or are you planning to let them raise the prize on my head before you collect the bounty?~

// Edwin Lovetalk 15
@355  = ~<CHARNAME>, give me a lock of your hair.~


--after turning back --

///Edwin Lovetalk 16 (resttalk)
@0    = ~I - I am myself again! I dare hardly believe it! Free of that humiliating curse at last! And I seem to be completely my own peerless self once more. (I'll have to perform a more thorough examination later, but so far everything seems to be in working order.) Tremble, world! Edwin Odesseiron is back to ravish you! (My wand is loaded, and I'm not afraid to use it.)~

///Edwin Lovetalk 17
@116  = ~This will never work, you know.~

///Edwin Lovetalk 18 (resttalk)
@225  = ~Pst! <CHARNAME>!~

///Edwin Lovetalk 19 (after resting wakeup)
@316  = ~Well, it seems that divine blood does not automatically grant divine prowess. Disappointing, but not altogether surprising.~

///Edwin Lovetalk 20
@390  = ~<CHARNAME>, I have something I wish to show you.~

///Edwin Lovetalk 21   (after receiveing a letter)
@446  = ~This...is bad. Very bad. I - I suppose I'd better see what he has to say, though. (At least the letter doesn't appear to be explosive or poisoned.) Now let me see...Oh no...Oh no...~

//Edwin LT 22
@496    = ~So my deva, that was a very satisfying little session we just had. I am becoming quite addicted to your touch, you know. And judging by the satisfied expression on your face, reminiscent of a cat facing a large bowl of cream, you are content as well.~