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Some differences between 3.10 and older versions

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Posted 01 March 2020 - 03:10 AM

I would like to know if possible what happened with these  optional components from 2.15:


1. DS Interparty Banter (BG1, BGT and Tutu)
The original DSotSC NPCs had a lot of banter written and even voiced, but normally a player will never hear it because it was never enabled. The banter consists of various compliments, insults, responses to either of those, NPC death reactions and "special" sound clips. This component does not add new content as such. It simply adds entries to the correct tables (interact.2da and death.2da) so you will have a chance to hear the clips (or see them if you have subtitles turned on).
The banter will occur both amongst the the Dark Side NPCs and between them and the standard BioWare NPCs, just as it does amongst the BioWare NPCs in BG1. Experiment with different combinations of NPCs in your party for the best effect - not all NPCs will have the same reaction to others (for detailed documentation, refer to interact.xls and death.xls).
2. Extended NPC Soundsets (BGT and Tutu)
This component primarily affects NPCs who appear in both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II (Edwin, Viconia, Imoen,  Jaheira and Minsc). It allows them to use sounds from BG1 in BG2 and vice versa.
Example: Jaheira has only one battle cry in BG1: "For the fallen!" Bg2 jahera has 3 battle cries: "For The fallen!", "Fall creature! And feed the earth!" and "Nature take the life she gave!" This component adds the two BG2 battle cries to the BG1 Jaheira. If the BG1 and BG2 versions of the NPC have different sounds in the same slots, it's a collision, so the 3 subcomponents are:
  a) Additions only: only empty strings are filled (soundsets will be slightly different between BG1 and BG2)
  b) BG1 soundsets dominate: in both BG1 and BG2, sounds from BG1 prevail (consistent NPC soundsets for BGT).
  c) BG2 soundsets dominate: in both BG1 and BG2, sounds from BG2 prevail (consistent NPC soundsets for BGT).
In BG1, interparty interaction was based not on banters, but rather on occasional chit-chat between party members - compliments and insults. They just happen from time to time and have no consequences. In addition, this component expands such interaction in BG1 and reintroduces compliments and insults in BG2.
Jaheira: "You are amusing, in a 'what the hell is wrong with you' kind of way."
Edwin: "Watch your words when addressing me, lest they be fed to you on the end of my boot!"
If this is too confusing, just choose "Additions only" :).  If you have DSotSC installed, this will enable a few of the new banters between existing NPCs and DSotSC NPCs.
3. Alternate NPC Portraits
These components allow you to install alternate portraits for the DSotSC NPCs.  For samples, see this link:

are they integrated or deprecated? If it is second case it would be pity, as second component is very useful, not just for DSotSC but for all  of BGT ( although I found something similar for it ) and especially for Tutu.