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Paladins of Faerun Quest Pack

Paladins of Faerun Quest Pack

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#41 Goran

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Posted 22 August 2021 - 12:11 AM

Greetings to the BG community. I am pleased to announce that PoF will be adapted to the EET platform. The  Graion Dilach  who are called persuaded me in the fact that PoF was on EE and EET. I Gorion give them full rights to edit the mod and further support the project.


I give permission to change the contents of the mod. I want the mod to be improved as best as possible.
This could mean changing the balance of certain things, or rewriting certain aspects of the dialogue, or adding other translation languages.

Edited by Goran, 29 August 2021 - 04:07 AM.

#42 Graion Dilach

Graion Dilach
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Posted 22 August 2021 - 04:33 AM

Uhm, that's new to me (Endarire, you should stop promising stuff in my name, thank you). Sure, I'll take a look.

#43 jastey

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Posted 22 August 2021 - 06:10 AM

This is jastey's official reply on the matter:


Anyone with a GitHub account can fork repositories and make pull requests, no special access is needed.


Technical updates for mods are accepted if they are technical or language updates only. If it's from someone we do not know yet one of us has to validate the changes, that is why it might take a while. But any mod hosted at SHS can be updated technically by SHS staff.

I assume that for Infinity Engine mods not yet uploaded to GitHub, the process is:

-Download the mod.

-Update/fix the mod.

-Contact the Gibberlings3 or/and Spellhold Studios staff members like jastey and GwendolyneFreddy with the changes documented as well as the relevant files attached or linked.

-Talk and work with them as prudent.


I was referring to mods officially hosted at SHS. The "Mods Resurrections" forum is not officially hosted mods, just like the "Miscellaneous Mods" and "BG:EE Mods" are not.

#44 Goran

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Posted 29 August 2021 - 06:10 AM

Thanks jastey for clarifying the situation with the mod download service. I put the mod into free floating, since I am not a coder and cannot change certain elements of the mod without critical losses. Here are the guys let them try their hand at modding on this mod project.

#45 Taladay

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Posted 14 December 2021 - 04:59 PM

I'm excited to play this when it gets converted! Thank you for all that you modders do.