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How-To install in BG2:EE


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#1 MilesTeg

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Posted 31 May 2020 - 01:32 AM

In the original game, the Dialog.tlk file was stored in the main game folder. In the EE versions, it's kept in the Lang folders. If the mod is older, possibly made for the original game, you may need to copy the Dialog.tlk file into main game directory to install the mod, then copy it back to the Lang folder when you're done.

THANKS, Belanos!!

Sorry for thread necromancy, but this worked great for "EPIC ENDEAVOURS" total conversion mod v1.0.5!
I can finally give this mod a try with my BG2:EE v2.5!

HowTo Install (en_US):
- backup your /lang/en_US/dialog.tlk !!
- COPY the dialog.tlk to the root dir of the game (where your chitin.key is)
- start setup-eeconv.exe and install
- WEIDU won't halt (error was ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "dialog.tlk") ), but instead patch BOTH dialog.tlk files

HowTo Uninstall (en_US):
- start setup-eeconv.exe
- choose uninstall
- manually restore the original /lang/en_US/dialog.tlk from your backup
- delete the dialog.tlk in your root dir


(original thread: https://forums.beamd...patible-ee-mods )

#2 The Imp

The Imp

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Posted 31 May 2020 - 05:02 AM

Have you actually given this a try ? As in, the spagetti method is nice and all, but the wall needs to attach to something to be able to keep it up, and if the mortar is made of too hard to not stick, everything will be on the ground and you just have a mess.

In the original thread, the subtledoctor's concern of moving the dialog.tlk probably came from the fear that the user wouldn't be aware of the Total Conversion mods permanency, fixation, and lack of backup if it wasn't opt'ed at the start. But your instructions should be read. And that's about it.

Edited by The Imp, 31 May 2020 - 05:05 AM.

Yep, Jarno Mikkola. my Mega Mod FAQ. Use of the BWS, and how to use it(scroll down that post a bit). 
OK, desert dweller, welcome to the sanity, you are free to search for the limit, it's out there, we drew it in the sand. Ouh, actually it was still snow then.. but anyways.

#3 MilesTeg

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Posted 01 June 2020 - 02:00 AM

Yup, probably more mortar than anything. But NPCs, Area transitions are working fine at first glance. I didn't have time to thoroughly test it. But it's still noteworthy imho and probably interesting if s.o. wants to expand on it / take a peak into Epic Endeavours. Again by no means stable(!) but interesting for mod developers.

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